A Silly Story of Paramedic

Earlier, our emergency room was so busy. Nobody has time to eat or drink. After 2AM, it has started to slow down so we have ordered the pizza. Paramedics also have joined us. Everyone have started to talk about the worse case scenarios which slowly has turned up toward the funniest stories. The person could…Read more »

Why Still Connection?

Human beings have interrupted the communication between them. One has shut his mouth completely while other cannot be quite anymore. Is anybody powerful than the Almighty so they can break the connection? The connection of soul is not man-made but it is made by the God in Heaven before their birth. She doesn’t know if…Read more »

An Ice Cold Blood Murder

Last week, One of her caring friends have suggested that Sara should die now. Not only this friend but also her childhood friends do not like Sara. Everybody wishes to have an old version of her. Everyone understands this part well that killing Sara and bringing an old version of her is not easy but…Read more »

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to all my friends and enemies. This is my first Eid after my loss. In Islamic World, all relatives and friends go to celebrate Eid with the family who had lost loved one in that year. I were invited at my friends’ home. However, last time I had made Imam confused. So rather…Read more »

The Tribute: Genocide of Sikhs

Today, the four survivors pay tribute to their fallen friends and of course others who were martyred during the bloodshed holly in Punjab. For the new generation, it is a sad story, but we had lived that life. We are the survivor and witness of the genocide. I was not born in Punjab, but I…Read more »

About Expressing Anger

How you express the anger specially to suppress your own guilty. Everyone has their own unique way. I have changed my way to express my anger. First I used to get quite and not talking to anybody until my anger was gone. However, it was not healthy way to express it. Now, I express my…Read more »

The Strength of Words And Silence

Both the silence and words are very strong. Surprisingly, Both has the ability to kill and destroy the lives and humanity. His silence has killed her which has given birth to the new person. His one word could make a big difference but he has chosen to be silent which has brought huge destruction. Her…Read more »