A Nomination of Gallantry Award

Sara always thought that She is a tornado. But her sinner is much worse than her She did destroy herself only but he has destroyed others. Early AM news came along with the video clip published by inside the Kashmir news agency. A son of the dead BJP leader has blamed Ahmed responsible for his…Read more »

The Same Old Timing

Of course, later on, he trained me. I learned many things from him. Now He is not only the emergency room physician but also mid-west divisional director of my new company. After 15 years today we faced each other. He waited for me outside the emergency department. Today I was dressed all in black instead…Read more »

Wedding Invitation to Ahmed

We have some couple of friends in USA. Most of think, Ahmed is my Husband. Early Am, I have received a invitation for their beloved daughter and at the inside of invitation was written: Please to announce the big day of their daughter. We are highly requested to join our happiness. So the entire family…Read more »

Her Battle With The Darkness

Sara tells with her own experience, “The fight with darkness is not easy when you are alone. Sometimes. you need to fight your battle solo which is hard but not impossible. Often people lose the battle when they stop to look if someone comes to help them. Your battle is your own. Nobody has nothing…Read more »

About The Exercise

Once the daily exercise was an important component of my life. My routine was broken with my bone marrow suppression and then a deadly car accident. Being a human, we need a little excuse not to do something, but I have two solid reasons to be lazy. I am not a good eater at all.…Read more »

Thank You

I appreciate my fellow bloggers for supporting me. I thankful the people on Twitter who read my each posting and have sent me a private messages, and have supported me a secret way. As I said in the past, I am not a professional or hobby writer. The darkness of my life has made me…Read more »