About The Family

She often thinks about what is the meaning of a real family. Who is her family? Does the family mean your biological relatives? Does it mean the people who love and care about you? She did not have much biological family. They were gone one by one from her life. Some were taken by almighty.…Read more »

The House Around The Corner

She is surprised why the house around the corner in the next street to her, is so quiet. Where all the people are gone? Once, she was welcomed into that house but not anymore. She doubts if anybody will allow her even near to that house anymore. First, she attempts to ignore it. ” Why…Read more »

About His Humiliation

Once she was willing to give her life for him without asking a single question. He was his most respectful and trustable man. He was the only one she used to talk.  He was the only she loves. Her life was only around him. She always used to say, “your secret should not leave your…Read more »

Who Are Those Little Boys?

One of the readers has asked, “who are those little boys?”. Both come voluntarily in her dreams but sometimes she calls them when she is sad or alone. Let’s talk about first about the human boy. He is not her biological son. Giving birth to a child won’t make you a parent. Once his biological…Read more »

About The Last Night Dream

There is a black color SUV parked in the parking lot. The house is very familiar and parking lot too but how it could be possible both in the same place. A little boy in a white dress and his dog both first peek through the driver side of the window but he has not…Read more »

A Father’s Advice on Father’s Day

A father has said very well, “your daughter is only your daughter nowadays”. We were talking about the system and society of my native country when the father of two daughters has said the above sentence suddenly. As we were young children, we played in our neighborhood until midnight. There was no danger. Everybody was…Read more »

My Battle With Depression

I was initially diagnosed with mild depression while I was 17 years old. I often felt sad. Everyone had blamed my migration from the native country. Slowly it was progressed to bilateral feet pain and insomnia. This time was blamed my stressful job. I never used to talk with anybody so nobody knew the hidden…Read more »