The Little Girl & The Valley: A Fight And Good Bye

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The grown woman with the mind of a little child stands on the top of mountain. She shouts when she looked down toward the Valley, “I don’t like you anymore. You are a bad valley. You are not beautiful anymore. I will not visit you anymore. You are a bad bad valley. I thought you will hug me all the time, but you didn’t. I will make my new valley somewhere else in the world. You are not only a beautiful one. I don’t know why even I am talking to you right now. You are a bad and dirty girl. I am mad at you”. As her habit, the little girl crying and talking at the same time.

The valley recognizes the sound and talks to herself, “Oh my gosh, she come back. Why she doesn’t understand that I can’t understand a bit of her when she talks and cries at the same time”.

The Valley could not stop herself talking back to the little girl, “I thought you have grown up. Stop crying. Then talk to me again. I like you being a mean and little brat child. I don’t like you as a sad and cry woman. I am still very pretty. I deserve a crown of miss world. I am the only paradise on the earth. You won’t find me anywhere neither in Alaska nor in Switzerland. I am the only beauty queen. I still have my very own green lushy hair which touches the clouds. Where is your hair black curly long hair? Where you will find the memory of Jhelum when many times walked with your father. Where you find the memories of your hubby bubby which you had spent walking on the bank of Sindh and Lidder. Talk to me in the same way as you used to do. Can you find a freshwater or clean air which only I can provide”?

The girl shouts, “I really don’t care about you. Why I even need to care about you? I even don’t live there. I don’t like you anymore”

The Valley smiles, “You are naïve but not stupid. You love fighting with me, but I know you will come back to me. I am the only who have kept you safe and secure. I am the one who has given you the love of your life. I am the one who has sheltered you when you need to hide. I am not mere of land or valley, but I am also your mother. I am beautiful and full of motherhood love and feelings. You will eventually become homesick. How many times you have already left crying the Valley. How many times you have told me not to come back anymore. You had left when you were only five. You are gone to the best part of the world. You live in a country of dream. But you little brat girl, I challenge you that you won’t live without me. You owe me something”.

The little girl responds, “No, you are still a bad and dirty Valley. I don’t like you anymore. I will tell my father that you are so mean to me. I don’t owe you anything. By the way, I came back to you in 2008, and since I am continued to visit you frequently. Hello, I hope that would wake up your memories. Please don’t call me anymore. Please don’t pull me toward you. Oh my gosh, this was your planning bring me back through my bubby. Did you send him in my life? I hate you more if you did so. I really don’t like him. He is a bad boy just like you. Valley Valley, can you do one favor for me? Can you beat him up for me? He has made me cry a lot. Can you do that? I will tell my father if you do not do as I tell you to do it”.

The Valley responds, “You still have your attitude. Many times, I have seen you so happy smiling and so satisfied enjoying your life with your loving man. You owe me lots of things. There is a long list of the things which I have done for you. I have given you love, safety, water, fresh air, satisfaction, humanity, and there will be a huge book if I start writing what I have given you and your people. You are a human child. You don’t understand the value and importance of nature. You don’t know how much people have damaged me, but I am still keeping my hopes up. I continue to work hard. I am continuing to provide security. I am your pride. Don’t you forget I am holding strongly many tall and huge mountains on my head and with my arms which helps to protect your humankind? I am stronger than the ocean and sky. I am still alive while humans continue to invade me”. The Valley has become emotional now. Her voice has become so soft. The girl could feel the pain of the valley.

The girl shows her empathy for the valley. The girl sits on the mountain and looks down, “I am really sorry valley for yelling at you. We share the same history. Maybe I could stop fighting with you so we can listen to each other pain”.

The Valley smiles, “Thank God, you have not changed a lot. You are still keeping my innocent feelings and emotions. Yes, we share the same history but only a few differences. You were emotionally abused by your people, but your people won’t feel ashamed abusing me. I am full of nature. Why people don’t enjoy my beauty? Why they don’t fight to bring the crown of miss world or universe for me? Why my natural beauty is not counted to include into “Seven Wonders of World? I am accusing each human who stepped on my head, heart or soul. I am accusing each side of LOC people equally. They have destroyed and abused me, but I am still protecting them. I still love them. Have you not done the same thing with your love? Please, don’t upset at me, I want you to visit me. I won’t let you rest in peace if you would not visit me. I need true love and passion. I need empathy than sympathy. I need everything because I do have feelings too. Can you feel me?

The little girl listens to the Valley carefully, “Yeah, you are right, but I am not still 100% satisfied though. You could not protect my birthplace. Can you please protect my graveyard at least? It is right over there”. The girl points the Valley in a different direction. The girl jumps in the excitement, “It is right over there. Have you seen it yet? I often come over there hiding from everybody. You are not alone. I am with you. I don’t like human either. I am afraid they won’t nuke your beauty. Is this true that you are a gateway to the 3rd world war as someone said? . I often get scared. People are so selfish and greedy”.

The Valley feel the girl’s pain, “This is your land. I am your mother. You don’t have to hide to visit me. I will always protect you, my little girl. No, I never wanted a war. I just want a peace”.

The girl tells the Valley, “I thoughts so. I knew it. I wish old days were back. Valley, Valley, can you do one favor for me? Can you please stop a ban on my dreams? Can you just only come yourself? Don’t bring him with you because I don’t like him anymore. He is a bad boy. He is a very very bad and dirty boy.

The Valley smiles, “He is your soul. I won’t able to stop him. True love always has a rough surface, and there is not always a good end. The soul stops only when the heart stops beating. I doubt that your time is up yet. You will see something strange soon. You deserve to see justice. People of the valley may have forgotten your tears, but I am not. The clouds of darkness are not gone yet which have covered me completely. However, I have not forgotten your scream and help for a cry. I was there witnessing what happened when you were here last time. You are always a brave kid so stay brave. I am sorry to say that I could not help you when you were knocking at every door to find your love. I am surprised that nobody had open the door for you. Hey, you live a hell of a life. Come over here. I want to give you a huge motherly hug”.

The girl gets happy, “Yeah, I need the hug. Okay my dear valley, I won’t complain to my parents about you. You are pretty, but you are not prettier than me, huh and duh. Don’t you dare to touch my hubby bubby? I am the only who could say bad about him but nobody else. He owes me. He does not owe you anything. So be good to him. Always protect him. I will be so mad at you if he gets any scratch”.

The girl disappears into the clouds but left the beautiful valley to think, “How will you understand? Who would make you understand the reality of the world? I wish your mind was grown up with your body. You should have also become selfish just like others. I could have one more stab on my body than seeing you suffer”.

Suddenly a girl came, “. I am still here. I just have gone to give a deep look to see you one more time. Valley, Valley, I don’t need to know the truth. I already know the reality. He has told me through somebody that he never loved me. I was the one who makes him abuse my emotions. He used and abused both my love and emotions. I am not sure if it was my fault or yours because you were the one who had pulled me in my dreams to come back to find him here. I came back and he was waiting for me. So, you don’t have to do anything. I just want to live in my imaginary world. I want to live thinking that he loves me a lot. I want to die thinking that he loves me a lot. He could disrespect me but not my feelings and love by lying and continue to lie”.

The valley feels sorry for the girl but was not ready to accept it, “I doubt he told you all this or he sent a message for you. I know all the kids who live here. You are not the only one who is my favorite. Each child in the valley is my favorite kid. So, tell me who told you. I will tell your father that you are not honest with me. It seems you have learned some diplomacy”.

The girl gets sacred, “Oh, no don’t tell my father anything. It was an unknown person but very close to me and him who told me a long time ago. Don’t tell anybody. You keep my secret. I will keep your secrets. Oh listen, my dear Valley, I won’t come back to you, so you and he don’t come in my dream to convince me again”.

The girl finally says goodbye to the Valley and has gone forever. She still is not sure her belief or love has shattered her life. or She has sabotaged her own happiness. She could be innocent but not stupid though, the valley is right. But the Valley is 100% sure that the girl will never come back to visit her.

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