About God and Humanity

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Look at the picture. Everybody will have a different view about the man in this picture. Some will profile him as an insane who has donated his own sleeper to the homeless girl, now he will walk barefooted. Someone may call him, “warm heart person who has given the thing (slipper) away”. Some may say, “show off”. I will call this insane person a real human who has done a work of humanity. For this little girl, he is the actual messenger of God”. Do I care if this person is Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh, or a Christian. He has completely covered the religion with his act of humanity. Where is the humanity or religion person who stabbed somebody’s chest with the dagger, then go to do his or her prayer? I will just say,”Please leave the God alone. Are you really trying to bribe the Almighty now? The God is not on your payroll so he will forgive your sins if you perform the prayer or go to the holly place.

The person could do anything but he or she cannot fight with luck. Humans have reached the moon. Science has made many innovations, but modernization won’t change your karma or God’s desire. Nobody has the power to change the path of Almighty. Remember Almighty always provide justice. Almighty has own way to punish or bless the people. He does serve justice his unique way but sometimes it takes time. Afraid of Almighty because he could put you in the same situation which once you had given to somebody else. So, think thrice the power of almighty because he could also make you walk on the same path where once you made somebody walk forcefully.

The almighty does not live inside the mosque, temple, church, or monastery. He lives inside of us. He lives inside of our heart. I do believe in Almighty. Almighty has many of his messengers. The people have given Almighty different names. Hindu worship many God or goddess, and Muslim people has Allah, Christian has Jesus, and Sikh has ten gurus. Everybody is in a race today to tell, “my God is greater than yours or My almighty is the only one exist”. Instead of preaching the teaching of their almighty, people are busy fighting and killing each other. Every religion has similar teaching except few. The people continue forgetting the main purposes of those teaching. The selfishness and greed have played a significant role in manipulating the teaching of God.

Give me proof of any religion holly book such as Quran, Veda, Guru Granth Sahib, or the bible, has mentioned to rape, kill, steal, or any negative thing. No, all holly books mention similar teaching which shows the person the humanity and morality. I have very less knowledge of Bible and Hindu Veda. I have little knowledge about the Quran and The Granth. There is nothing written in the Quran to kill innocent or kill people who believe in a different faith. Sikhs are known as warriors, but they will not attack innocent people. They always help the helpless people. They give their lives to protect others. However, they won’t tolerate bullies or attack, so they are allowed to fight back if someone attacks them. Of course, everybody has the right to defend themselves. Yes, I was born as a Sikh, but my life was saved a Muslim peer. My belief never divided when coming to faith or religion. I respect humanity. In a tender age, a Muslim soldier, and a Sikh man (her uncle) taught me the good things of Islam and Sikhism but my father’s teaching has taken me toward humanity.

I remember once Altaf had delayed the combat mission between the terrorists and forces for 7-8 hours. Two or three militants were trapped inside while forces were waiting outside to open the shots just waiting for his orders. He spoke with one of terrorist on the phone and advised him, “you come out raising hands and you will be returned to your parents”. However, the terrorist’s brain was completely washed on the name of Jihad. Altaf urged the young man to show him where is written in the Quran to kill innocent people on the Quran. However, there is no proof Quran teach radicalization or terrorism. So why people look at all Muslim people like Bin Laden. Can somebody shows me where is written in The Veda, The Bible, or in the Granth about all muslims are jihadi.

Then why we fight for the name of religion. Maybe Gods are sitting together and laughing or cursing themselves,” what type of teaching we have given to them. Did we forget something?
God lives inside of us. God lives inside the people. However, the devil also lives inside us. It depends on who gets heavy on who. Human is the one who chose to win: God or Devil. The bad game start when the devil wins. Peace and love start when God wins. The person becomes so anxious and restless when Devil get heavy on the feelings which lead to the problem, conflicts, crimes, and wars. Why we let the devil wins? The human race is so greedy and selfishness who allow the devil to win. So, it really up to us what we want. Well, you won’t go to meet almighty in heaven if you do sins or hurt others. It does not matter how many times you offer your Namaz, or go to the temple, or read religious books. It matters how much you share love, blessing, and profit. It matters if you follow the path of honesty, reality, or truth. It matters how hard work you do.

As I said many times, the human was born first then religion. This is my thinking about God. The Imam could not give me an answer when I asked, “Who was born first”. He lost in his thoughts or speech. I respect every religion and faith. How many times, I have parked my car in the parking lot of Hindu temple, Sikh temple, mosque, church, and Baba Sai’s temple when I go emotionally down. Well, Almighty always come to help me his way. I say proudly, “I have the blessing of many Gods and you guys have only one”.

I will just say, “Be a human first before you try to become God’s favorite. Be human first before you try to become a Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Or Christian”. Peace in the world will come automatically if we start respecting each other’s culture, beliefs, and religion. We must do something good if we expect something good from others. Kill your own devil first before we help others to kill their demons or devils. Adopt humanity before we adopt any religion because it will make your path to God very easy.
God Bless all everybody

2 thoughts on “About God and Humanity

  1. God bless you, too, Mannu Sara. I suspect all people everywhere instinctively know what is right and wrong because we have the same Creator. We can override this knowledge — even to the point that we lose it. But, it’s there when we start. I’m a church lady, but I believe God is calling hearts everywhere, all the time. He wants us to have abundant life — here and in heaven. 🙂

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