Some life events of my loving boy: Banny

You are gone. It will be a year tomorrow. Why you have taken your mother’s happiness with you, Banny Boy.
Mommy, Can you tell your hooman kids to be quiet. I can’t listen and watch my TV. They are disturbing me. They should have some manners.
Mommy, I love snow. Can be snow every day?
Are you sleeping, mommy? Can you wake up so we can chat?
Mommy, Can you tell your daughter that I am a boy? First, she has tried to put the flower on my head and now trying to shut my mouth with her hand.
Mommy, Be brave, I am with you. I will be always with you.
Mommy, I look so cute with the flower in my hair.
Mommy, I want to sleep more. It is kinda cozy and I am not in the mood to get out of the bed.
Are you kidding me, mommy? I am the first one to go downstairs? I sense that you all dressed in going to a party alone. I will go with you. You can’t just trick me.
Okay Banny boy, you have to behave nicely when I am gone. Mommy, I will try my best but won’t promise. I like to celebrate Diwali too. Can I come, please?
Don’t tell my mommy, I am stealing her glasses.
I am the most handsome boy
I could drive my mommy to work. I do have a license to drive which around my neck, I hope it is my driving license though.
Come on mommy, I could drive. Don’t get mad. I am better than your other two nasty hooman kids.
It is my birthday and that is my favorite carrot cake on the counter. I don’t like those hooman kids. Why I have to wait for mommy to eat the delicious cake.
I am your favorite and cute son, mommy. I am so nice kid. Don’t you love your loving kid mommy?
I and my mommy are kinda of stars
Okay, guys, my mommy loves me more than my dad. she just sitting on the other side because there is no space. Sis, can you make sure my pics come better than dad.
Okay, Dad, I agree with you. She loves us both. I don’t like to share my mommy with other kids in the home but I could share my mommy’s love with you. But don’t you dare to make my mommy cry, I will bite you.

4 thoughts on “Some life events of my loving boy: Banny

      1. Oh I’m so sorry. I have a cat and I understand how one gets attached to pets. They become a family member in no time. Im sure he is in a better place now and the good part is that he left you with such great memories to cherish with for the rest of your life! 🙂

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