The Mission Successfully Accomplished

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Why continue writing on the blog when a mission is already accomplished. The stringer thinks that the puppet is finally lost the battle. The stringer actually don’t know the power of love. No, the stringer is not the winner though. The stringer is mistaken. The puppet has won the mission. Indirectly, the puppet has proven real love and sacrifice. The puppet has done her job well, and she is ready to go back where she was before ten years ago. She came out to find the reality. She has found the reality, so why writing on the blog? Sometimes, reality hurts badly. Not too many people could face the truth. Not many people could love somebody. Not too many people can sacrifice for their love especially in the era of darkness. The true love always ask sacrifice.

She is mentally exhausted and tired. Not only her but also her psychologist is tired too. No counseling or medication could ease her pain. No happiness could stop her tears. Everyone has given up except her tears. Her pain is continued to worsen. Can you relieve somebody’s thirst with the pills? No, the only sips of water could satisfy the thirst. She has tried multiple times and multiple ways but she could not forget him. The pain and sadness become so intense every time she tries to forget him. Yes, it does not end of her love yet but it is the end of the search. She has searched him everywhere but she always finds him inside of her heart.

She has done her best. Neither God or human could help her. Finally, the loser is willing to accept reality. But how he will accept the reality when he would come to know the truth. She hopes that three or two or one people would bring reality directly or indirectly. No, bringing the reality forward is not to win him. Bringing the reality will be comforting to her soul because she thinks it is the time to readopt her father’s path. She has already paid for her country and love but now she needs to repay her father. The father had taught her many things in less than two years. What is more valuable: Quality or quantity?

She has accepted the reality of why she was born. Why he came into her life. It is all crystal clear. It is not the time to think about why he is gone. It is not time to think why his soul is dead. The time is now going back to the place where she had come from. People say behind her back that she speaks from her mind but somebody is worse than her. So far, she has proven who she is. She will never regret it. Nobody including God would say tomorrow that the woman who believes in the soul love, have not done anything to protect him. She has done everything but her country, her own people, and her love could not do anything for her. Well, she does not need anything from anyone now. “voh itanee pyaasee thee par paanee tak nahin pa sakee. ab usakee pyaas hamesha ke lye door ho gaee”.
Humanity has lost and the greed has won. She is not alone though. She is circled with her five favorites: Almighty, her doggy, Ina boy, and two of her childhood imaginary friends. She is ready to leave but her soul will be wondering in the Valley in the search of her loving man. Of course, she has proven that there is, was, and will be only him in her life. She leaves to God for justice because the humans are failed to provide it. No, the humans are not failed. Her weak point has failed her. The lack of support and family have failed her. She has tried her best to find who could help her but unfortunately, she was wrong. She is a weirdo herself. She is selectively blind and deaf. She wants to hear only one name and she wants to see only one face. How long people could tolerate her so they have blocked communication with her, she tells others to the nice people, “Please block my number, etc”.
Well, she has chosen her new path. Someone has snatched her love and her loving man has snatched her dream, her valley, her country, and everything. There is no word to explain her pain. No tears could tell her suffering. No screaming could tell her misery. Only her and the Almighty knows. She thinks all day long what has or had done wrong in her life that there was no happiness. All the time something is taken away from her. But why? What she did wrong in her life. She could not harm an insect or a bird, or an animal. She asks sorry from an ant or bug if she accidentally steps on them. How many times she asked a sorry from her doggy and kissed her doggy’s tail or pow when accidentally she stepped on his pow or tail.

In the end, she could remember the God may punish her for believing different faith than she should. Sometimes she thinks the believing in the soul love than materialism has made her hurt. Finally, she ends up saying, ‘It is the desire of God”. Nobody knew her before this incident. Well, she goes back to the same place where she was. she has stop reading new about India and the Valley.

Her memories have gotten so worse. She even cannot recall what TV shows she was watching. She has to write everything in the diary. Her eyesight is getting so worse that she could hardly see. She is happy because she could still see him walking around her. She could still remember each moment which has spent with him. She starts to forget the people’s name who she knows them long enough. The doctor says it is all due to stress. Anybody believes in a true or soul love could understand what she is talking about it. She has given scientific proof that she is not crazy or psycho except she loves him more than anything in this word.

The blog will remain open forever. She believes that one day her loving soul husband would wake up and realize her love for him, and will try to read how much she suffered. She believes that one day he will try to find the stringer. She doesn’t want him to punish the stringer but it is important for her that her intelligent and genius man at least try to find who really killed the soul of her Munna. It is not a matter of jealousy or revenge or punishment. It is a matter of reality and honesty.

Until then Salaam to the Valley, Jai Hind to my country, and Goodbye to my friends. Salutes to the people who have tolerated her. Thanks to the stringer too because I came to know how much and how truly I love my hubby bubby. Everybody has forgiven. Remember, there is, was, and will be only one Sara. There is no other Saras or too many Saras. Nice try stringer. Sometimes she shows the people what they want to see. Only her bubby knows her habit. She often used to tell him, “Bubby I know this person doing wrong or bad. I am not stupid but I just want to see how down this person could go more to sell their soul”
The stringer= Tent + Tart + and Black Burka. (dream came true bubby remember)
Munna= Sara+ Munna+ soul love-Scarify-punishment= Dead soul in a walking body
The cottage= Wisconsin+ Indiana – Pain-Misery = Unknown Destination
Altaf= Everything + Abu + Bubby+ Hubby+ Soul love+ religion husband-lies-cowardliness= still soul love.

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