Just Her Thoughts

She enjoys her own company like many others do which is not something new. She talks in her mind most of the time like many others do. Okay to talking to yourself but make sure don’t answer to yourself, then you need to see the specialist 😊. No doubt, she misses him. She loves him. Nobody could stop her from loving her soul man. Her tears continue to shed as usual but she has stopped wiping it because many times it has taken her supra orbital skin off. She has tired answering how she got abrasions under the eyes. So, she let the tears drip which sometimes makes its way to her shirt.
She has done many agreements to herself. She has succeeded in her goal. She has reestablished her professional reliability and creditability. Yes, she has lost her interest and trust in humans. She is not excited to rebuild the trust. It is gone and gone forever and gone for good. Why she has to trust the human? she could live without him. The human was the one who snatched her love and shattered her life. She tried to erase all memories but then her soul called sister’s face come in front of her. How her sis gives her hope? How her sister has made a promise with her behind the closed door? How kindly and nicely her sister spoke to her. Sister sat in front of her on the floor to wipe her tears. First, Sara thought she is a nice, kind and educated woman. But she did everything opposite which she had made a promise to do it. She did everything to harm Sara including torching her on the phone so Sara could end up her life. She not only backstabbed Sara but also used her as a puppet. Her so called sister used Sara’s shoulder to pull the trigger.

No, Sara is not mad or upset at her because it is very easy for everyone to become like her sister but hard to become like Sara. Only a few people could understand Sara, in which one was her bubby. She tells her sister, “Sara knows only how to suffer and give up. So sis you won’t be able to become Sara. Sara gives strength to someone’s soul and body but she doesn’t snatch someone’s life or kill somebody’s life. I will call you my Foxy Sis from now because you did play a game like a fox”
Sara has agreed with herself that she won’t read any JK news. Media always mislead her brain and change her thoughts which have created more enemies. She will not listen to the news at all. She refused to listen to any rumors or news. All she wants peace and her hubby happy. He could be happy only and in peace when Sara would disappear from his life. Sara says, “You are the first and my last love bubby boy”.
Nobody is anybody’s family. This is Sara’s life and she need to get up to compete again. Each time, her cry goes all the way to Almighty. Her pain is so painful that any scale could not calculate her pain. The pain comes so intensely without any warning that she feels her heart ripping out. Do you ever think sis when pain is so intense how Sara wants to take her own heart out? What do you think the blessing come from her mouth? Yes, that is Sara who blesses her enemies but you are a sister. Sara won’t able to see the justice but my blogger colleagues, and her secret followers would see the justice. God always provide justice even it takes some while. Sara might not alive to see it but rest of you guys will see the justice of God in this birth only. That time don’t forget to say, “Sara you were right. Your love and faith were right”. So, Sara will live her life solo. She doesn’t need any family or fake friends. She has cut all communication sources from his fake friends and family.
Goodnight everybody
God Bless all of you.

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