The Humans and The Animals

Image taken from FB posted by unknown person

It makes her think who is better when she looked at the above picture. The two different animals sit together, gives each other companies, and enjoying nature. Can we human do it? No, we are busy cutting each other’s edges with the sharp knives. The human doesn’t have time to enjoy. They are too busy to race the materialistic things or worries about the competition among them. The human has become so selfish that don’t mind killing somebody’ soul. They do not care about others. It does not matter how much others pay the price or in the pain. Well, they are happy enjoying the fake life so why we should care about others.

The month of September is not a good month for her. Last September, she needed to make a tough decision. It took her an entire month to make a decision. She had to make a decision to put her doggy to sleep. She knew that her Banny was in pain. She had never treated Banny as a dog or animal. He was her special loving kid. She always called him: Banny boy. He was one of her thieves who loved stealing everything from her. He was also among the best of three thieves. It had taken her a while to just say, “Yes, go ahead make an appointment”. She always refused, “How I can take my son to put down”. Every day, she had to fight with his kids and listened to her soul hubby. Her kids advised her, “mom, he is old now and in pain. It is his time to go now”. She got angry many times at her kids, “Okay, give him a pain medicine if he is a pain. Tomorrow you guys will put me down because I am getting old too”. Altaf never liked a dog so he was also willing to put the dog down.

After Banny was gone. Her life went an upside down. Altaf had said many times, “I was wrong”. For her, Banny is still around somewhere because he often comes in her dreams. She also tells him, especially when she is in her downside, “I miss you boy. Everybody is not good with your mommy. I want you to come back”. Now often she thinks, “My happiness only existed with Banny boy. He was my favorite thieve and another three thieves slowly gone too”. Two still lives with her but not rarely they cross path with each other. Sometimes she thinks if they really exist. Karma had taken her two thieves but she went away from another two.

Banny boy was a rescued dog. His biological and human family died in the wildfire of CA. Banny was a year-old pup when he started to blackmail her with his cute and innocent love and continued to blackmail her next 12 and 1/2 years. He had to smell everything before she put anything in her mouth. She trusted him but not him. He had kept eyes on her what she ate. He had to taste it and made sure the food is equally divided between him and her. He hated the dog food which did not sharing with anybody. There were a time when she had asked him, “Can I take my Advil for headache. or Do you want it too?” Banny did smell Advil but refused to eat it. Otherwise, she ended up sharing all her medications with him :).

She has applied to rescue another 4 months doggy boy. His new name will be QT (cutie). He is not exactly like Banny boy but he is also mixed of black and white color. Banny was a border collie breed but QT is a mix of Alaskan Husky and Labrador. Banny boy was the happiness of her house and life. Everything was gone with Banny boy. She doesn’t expect that the new dog could bring her happiness back because she doesn’t want her happiness back anymore. It is gone and gone forever.
Somebody said wisely that the human is not the animals. She is agreed. The humans snatch the happiness of others but the animals give happiness to others. What a great difference?

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