My Interesting Dream

Well, This is me two days ago

Getting a phone call from JK is a rare and precious thing nowadays, so keep your phone on full volume if any of your relatives or friends live there. There were three missed calls on my phone when I woke around 1 PM today. I did have my doctor’s appointment around at 1430 PM so my alarm went off at 1 PM. Doctor’s office is just five minutes away from my house if I take the countryside but the road is blocked due to construction for a couple of days. Of course, I took the city road which means spending 15-20 minutes dealing with the traffic and traffic lights. So, I called back via my car phone when driving to my appointment. Okay, I had clarified why I had not answered the phone because I was sleeping. Well, this was not the satisfying answer, so suddenly I said, “well, I was busy in dreaming. Who would answer the phone when you are in the middle of getting marry and in the middle of the car wreck”?

I have a great fear of getting married or having a car accident, so both my fear has decided to ruin my life in the same night. They were quite different from my usual nightmares because I did not wake up screaming. In my dream, I was getting married to some unknown person. I did not see the face of that lucky or unlucky person. But I had seen my house in India, full of the crowds which include my childhood friends, family members, town people, all my teachers. In my dream, I continued to think, “why I am getting married when I am already married”. I was still in a shirt and Capri but other people were dressed very well. A middle-aged unknown woman who instructed me to dress up in the bridal dress. She was very clear that the groom and his family would be here anytime so I should better dress up. Next thing, I heard the music and loud noise that the groom had arrived. I did not waste my time looking at my groom but I was managed to escape by jumping our rock solid 16 feet fence.
I ran away from my home in my car but I was in the USA now. Suddenly I looked at the road but I could not see anything because the front hood of the car was up. I attempted to stop the vehicle so I pressed down on the brake paddle. I had tried multiple times but the brake system had failed. So, I had started to honk and yell, so the oncoming vehicles could stay away but they were also not paying any attention. I did not have any clue how many vehicles, I crashed with my non-stoppable car. Thanks to the Almighty that I did not kill anybody. Suddenly my car had decided to stop itself. I got out of the car and started to check other passengers if they needed my help. Suddenly, Paramedics had arrived at the scene. Surprisingly, they had started to fix my car instead of taking care of the patients. They were also saying, “Let’s see what wrong with your car”. The car restarted itself and started to move without mankind when one of the paramedics had attempted to enter into my car. The car stopped itself again after hitting the ambulance. 🙂

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