Two New Dreams in One Week

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It was her lucky week that she did have two dreams in a one week. The dreams came in when she was in the deep sleep. In the first dream, one of her nurses had returned from India after filming in a Bollywood movie. A beautiful nurse who is born and raised in Polland, had immigrated to USA 15 years ago. Aguda has worked with her for a long time now.  She did work with her few years back when Aguda was just outside the school. Both has a specialty in Trauma level 1, so they have met again after two years. Aguda is not novice any more. because she has gained a lot of confidence possibly with the experience. Suddenly, 

Aguda came out of the airport and hugged her, “Thanks for helping me in the Bollywood. Everybody has loved me acting”.

Sara said, “Okay, it does not mean that you will quit your job and move back to India”. 

Aguda tells Sara, “Hey, I have met Altaf at New Delhi airport. He has become a film producer now”.

Sara could see him sitting on the airport, busy looking at his phone, and fixing his glasses with right hand. She could exactly see him. She could feel his presence. She has awaken smiling, “Wow, The Bollywood is already dominant by Khans. I know he looks like sometime Ajay Devgan but why the hick he would leave his job to work in the film industry. It could be possible because his mind and brain just work like me. Both of us has the ability to change plan in seconds. Okay from a scientist to a cop, and now a film producer, it could be possible”.

The dream has made her happy and she has shared the dream next day with Aguda and others. Aguda was so happy being a movie actress in the dream. Sara was happy seeing him in the dream. 

In the second dream, he had sat exactly the place where he often sat. She looks at him, then she sit very close to him. As usual, he is calm and has a little smile on his face. She can smell his breath on her cheeks but she has not smiled. She has not looked anxious and sad either. She turns toward him and asks, “Why? Who am I? Do you remember me? Why are you gone? What you would do Bubby If I were your daughter, sister, or your blood relative? Were you going to leave them to die alone forever just you have done with me? Answer me Bubby. Do you remember when you used to say that you are everything for Munna. Why you have become so coward?”.

She has asked all those questions from him but all she could feel a helpless man whose eyes are full with tears. She always asks those questions from him while she is alone and awake.  well, good or bad but those dreams are her life now.

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