The Last Memory of Mother

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She had allowed her mother to make many decisions for her because the mother always wants the best for her children. Her mother was not a Hitler but was a traditional hard-core mother who had wanted everything perfect. Mother always had over-protected her daughter. Mother had chosen everything for her daughter such as clothes, shoe education, school, hairstyle, nose piercing, and finally the groom for her daughter. Mother thought that was her birthright. Not sure how much she had loved her mother but she always respected her. Mother had controlled her daughter’s life for 16 years.

The daughter never looked back as she left the country. Not sure if her mother was done all of her responsibilities being a mother but daughter never had given up hers. Sitting on the other side of the world, the daughter always was two steps ahead making sure her mother was comfortable and well-taken care. The daughter always had given her mother what she wished except one thing. The daughter refused to visit the mother but he made her to visit the mother. Not to mention, her mother also did not want to see her daughter because the daughter had disgraced the family by loving a Muslim man. Mother disowned her daughter when the daughter refused to remarry. The daughter had rejected the mother’s two decisions. Mother had announced in the anger, “I don’t want to see your face when I die. I don’t want you to cremate me either. I will not give you a single penny from my inheritance”.

The daughter had just smiled at mother’s decision but never said a single word to disrespect mother. The daughter continued to keep her word even mother’s doctor called her to tell, “Sorry, I think I am out of options here. Your mother does not want to live but the rest of your family is not co-operating with me. By law, you are the only biological child who could make the decision. It is your time to come home”. The daughter was honest with the doctor. The daughter also knew the family doctor well. The doctor was trained in the US and moved back to serve her country. The daughter told the doctor, “Mum had made some decision so I cannot come”. The Intelligent doctor was really smart and told the daughter, “She is not dead yet”. The daughter had become so confused, “who would help me to make the right decision”. She could trust only one person so he did help her to make the right decision.

The mother was on her death bed when a daughter visited her again. Mother decided to leave the hospital and wished to be at home when her daughter would arrived. Actually, the mother was waiting for her daughter before leaving this world. Everybody said, “Sardarni Ji (Not mother’s name, it means similar to Madam which use for the respectful Sikh woman} is just waiting for her daughter, and will continue to prolonged the death until she sees her”. The new generation did not have any clue, “who is she”. God knows who was right? Did the mother succeed to defeat the death or people’s myth? The daughter came to visit the mother in the same house where the daughter was grown up playing. The beautiful mother’s skin was full of wrinkles and she had looked so weak. The daughter was shocked to see her mother. The daughter was familiar with a beautiful face and a strong woman. The daughter had asked her self when reached toward her mother, “Is she my mommy?”.

The daughter had become unsteady when her each step went forward toward the mother. The mother was on the morphine drip lying on the bed knowing her daughter might come today. Mother was also afraid that her daughter is very stubborn. The God knows where the strength came in the mother who sat upon the edge of the bed when saw the familiar shadow coming toward her. The mother’s eyes were not only full of tears but also everyone who was present there. The daughter touched the mother’s knees per traditional way to pay respect to the elderly.

The mother held the daughter’s hand and made her sit on the bed. Everybody joked, “see how Sardarni Ji has suddenly become stronger. Now she will forget everyone”. The mother’s dying body was weak but her memory was still so sharp. The daughter had felt some strange there but the mother did not. However, the house was full of the people. The mother had introduced her daughter to the new generation. The daughter thoughts in the mind, “Wow, it is an effect of morphine, or mother become modern, or I am not disgraced anymore”. The guest was continued to come until bedtime. Mother’s door was always open for everybody why not now. The daughter looked at the visitors and muttered in her mind, “Mum, it seems you have done a very good job taking care of people but why you had failed when it came to your daughter”. Mother did sense daughter’s dilemmas but it was too late for her to do anything for her daughter.

The mother’s wishes were taken care of. The daughter removed the mother’s catheter and diaper. Life prolonging drugs were discontinued. Mother had told the daughter, “Thank you very much”. The daughter knew her mother had an obsession with cleanliness so she did not mind giving her mother twice a day bath. Everybody started to think that Sardarni may live long. But the daughter knew the signs of death. All she was with her two nights. The daughter looked at her old room which was locked from outside. Mother did not allow anybody to use the room since the daughter had left, which was a strict order and everybody had to follow it.

The daughter was leaving in the morning to JK. The same night mother had made her way to her daughter’s bed, asked for sorry. The mother held daughter’s feet when asked for sorry. The daughter jumped and told the mother that she had forgiven her a long time ago. The daughter did not share with the mother that she had forgiven her when her loving man came back in her life. The mother and daughter had some time alone and shared many things.

The daughter had forgiven the mother. The mother knew her daughter is stubborn as hell so she would not stay longer. The mother knew well who she had given birth. Next morning, the daughter saw her mother last time. Mother had become suddenly weak again. The house was full of people. The daughter did not know many of faces. She had kissed her mother last time and touched her feet last time before she took the flight to JK. The daughter knew about her last visit but the mother still had some hope that the daughter might return home.

She reached and met him at the airport, and said, “Thank you very much. I owe you for making the right decision”. The outsiders’ phone will stop automatically as you reach JK. Indian people’s phone does not work there so how the US phone could work there. Two days later, she received a call from the USA on his phone, “Grandmother is gone forever”. She was numbed for minutes. She could not talk. The mother had died within minutes when the daughter left the home. She sat being numb on the chair. He asked her many times what happened. She cried holding him. He knew right away that the mother was gone to almighty. He asked her if she wanted to go back. She refused kindly saying, “Nothing left there to go”.

The Daughter had already completed the mother’s two words: “Don’t want to see your face when I die, and don’t you to cremate me”. Two months later, she had completed the third promise. The daughter had donated mother’s entire inheritance without consulting him and the kids.

Love and respect are not to show off. Sometimes we do things to keep the promises which our loved had made it. The daughter had paid a great tribute to her mother keeping the mother’s word even the words were not in the favor of the daughter. Sometimes she thinks now, “I don’t know if the mother is gone on right time or not”. Mum was never going to see her daughter crying again. Mum was going to reach him at any cost to ask, “How dare you did this to my daughter. Why you made my daughter cry because she loves and trusts you so much”. Sometimes, she thinks that mother might be laughing and telling the father, “Didn’t I tell you that our daughter will be failed in life because of her believes. Didn’t I tell you teach her something about the life and people than teaching your principles”.

Her parents seldom had fight with each other. But she loved it when they fight or argument with each other, then she teased them, “Can you guys at least learn how to fight with each other. It is just waste of my time. No fun to watch”. She always made them to laugh and think, “that is our daughter. Why we have her in the old age?”

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