About Relationship

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What is the meaning of the relationship? Do you mean by blood relationship? Do you mean related thru soul, birth, emotions societal or forced? Could anything change the relationship?

Last week, she went for her legal background check and fingerprints to endorse her license to another state. She waited for 4 weeks for her appointment. She does not want to miss it so went little early. Outside the office on the Glassdoor was clearly mention what type of services the particular office provides, in which one of those was DNA testing.

She sat in the waiting area after she checked in with the receptionist. The waiting room was so small so you could hear the conversation of receptionist and the visitors. There were no privacy or HIPPA rules. The young girl came in for fingerprint who was scheduled before her so the girl went inside first. She started to play on her phone.

Suddenly, A little boy age of 2-3 years old, had entered the door with his father. The child was so naughty who wanted to get off his father’s lap and wanted to play with the toys. You can see bond and love between father and son without any doubt. The boy was a little cutie pie.

She was the only one sitting in the waiting area. The child was so frisky so father finally let the boy go down. The boy ran toward her and tried to grab her phone. Father gave the boy some toys to play while he went to check with the receptionist. both receptionist and the father was loud so you could not avoid their conversation. The man mentioned that he wanted DNA testing but not for legal paternity. He mentioned that is only for him not for the court.

She paid 58 dollars for her fingerprint but did not know how much the man paid for DNA testing. None of her business but suddenly she heard that the man did not want the test result to be mailed or emailed or leaving any voice mail if the result is ready. Yes, he had requested to collect the result personally.

So the father had brought the kid without notifying his wife or partner for a paternity test. She did not care about that either. All she was thinking about the little boy. Does the relationship would change if the result shows no match. Will this father would stop loving the child? What would be the future of the child? She continued thinking about the relationships. How the child will know the man whose loving father is not his biological father. Does it matter now because the boy is so closed to the father? How someone would stop loving the little adorable child.

She did not know herself how many questions circled her brain. On her way home, she had continued thinking about the definition of relationship. What was her relationship with the man she loves? Just an emotional love without any greed. The love he has given her was not only spousal but also it was beyond those limitations, her relationship is only soul relationship with him. She continues to suffer badly with the abandonment. Is this boy also would hurt like her forever? Would the boy attempt to find his real father when will grow up?

She can’t do it but the boy has the option. Her option and choice have stopped at him. Her relationship was not forced or agreed by parents. Their relationship was also loving and adorable. Everyone has said to them,” made for each other or a cute couple ”.

They did not have any fight. There were not any mistakes or questions marks for them. Two hrs before, he decided to abandoned her, they were in so much love. They have eagerly waited for each other. The divorce happens between husband and wife because of some miss-understanding. No, they were planning for the future and were taking dreams with each other when he just become a monk or Shut his mouth completely. Even she visited him later, all she could see love, affection, and caring behavior of him.

This is the reason she is hurting today. Well, people say he was forced. Some say he also suffers like her. She becomes a little kid now. Her behavior has become worse than the two years old boy in the waiting area. Her people have forgotten her but others love her. She cries like a little baby then she closes her eyes and says,” I won’t talk to you anymore. I don’t want you to suffer. I have a tolerance power a lot so it is okay i suffer. I will not ever replace you. But God will punish them who make her cry. Sometimes I get scared if God punishes you too”.

God will make people pay who has given her endless suffering and pain. She has decided never to talk to him even he would stand in front of her in the future. Of course, she will support him if he would suffer like her in the future.she will wait for her soul relative in this life and all future lives which is written by a God.

God bless the little boy. She hope and wish the result will be in favor of little boy. She prays,”God please don’t let the little boy suffer. I am willing to suffer for him”.

Suddenly it came in her mind that she always wish to have someone’s pain. Is this reason she continues to suffer. God knows well.

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      1. Sara, apologies for just getting to this. I am truly honored and grateful for the nomination of Liebster Award. Your encouraging words mean a lot. I will check it out. I appreciate your support 🤗💜

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  1. Sara, just wanted to let you know, that I have not forgotten. When I checked a couple of days ago, I didn’t see your questions for nominees or a post. I did see responses on this post referencing the Liebster Award. Hope your doing well 💜😊

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