Three Chosen One

Image taken from YouTube

She ran around everywhere to get help before she confined herself behind the curtain. Unfortunately, she could not find any help. She was all alone in this 8 billion population. People think this world is so impacted but she doesn’t see any crowd. In her entire life, she had not asked anything from anybody. Her neighbor did not know her existence. Suddenly, she got so weak that she had to run around asking for help. She started to ask help from the person whom she loves most but she got more confused. He sent her back with any questions. Not only her love, but her valley and her native nation were also taken away from her. Her soul has died. Her half-broken body was continued to search for him. She never stepped a foot outside without holding her parents’ hand and then his hand. She did not have any clue how the world was changed. She was not aware of how the world has become so selfish out there. She did not have any clue that people could take advantages of a needy person. This was the first time that she missed not having her family. Where she should go? Who could come forward and ask him, “Why you have abandoned her”? She did not have her brother and her father died a long time ago, and her mother died peacefully 5-6 years back knowing that her daughter is in a good hand who will love her and keep her happy and safe.
Then she has started to search the person who would have the courage to become a messenger of reality. During the past 10 months, she was able to find only three people who she believes, have the courage to become a messenger of the reality after she will be gone to the Almighty. She had seen people who are so scared. They cannot help her but of course, they want her to help them. She has found only three people who she believes, will convey her message to her. They are not obligated but somehow, she thinks that those people might have the courage to become a messenger of reality indirectly or directly. She thinks those people are honest and courageous, and respectful.

She has sent “her last letter’ to those three persons yesterday. Unfortunately, she could not publish, “the last letter” because of some specific reasons. She has felt so relieved when she wrote her last letter, in which she conveyed her soul mate some facts. She wanted him to read it carefully after she will be gone. It will be taken negatively if he read it while she is here. Well, she loves him but she is she. Writing that letter will help her keep her promise to her father. She has already fulfilled her promises which she had made to her soul mate and so-called sis. Dream and love are gone what left now. She wishes her three chosen one or maybe of them will have courage, honesty, and humanity to convey the message of the reality.

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