Where Are You?

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The train is running toward Paris at the full speed. She wraps herself with the blanket head to toe. Suddenly she hears some voices. Are you kidding me? You have chased me all the way to Europe. Suddenly Ina boy asks her,” where are you. I and Banny are looking for you everywhere. Have you gone to see him without telling us? She says, “no, I am right here close to you. I have not gone to see him. I am not allowed to see him anymore”.

Ina boy asks her, “you are not home either. Your imaginary friends were knocking at the door last night and we have not opened the door ”. She said, “why not, you should tell them that mum has gone to Europe. She continues,” someone has spoken highly about your father. Most people talks bad about him. I kinda felt good when I heard about his praise but don’t tell anybody because the walls even could hear it and then people spread the rumor. I don’t want that he will get into trouble because of me. He might already suffer or suffering for loving me”.

Suddenly the imaginary friend # 1 enters the room and interrupts their conversation. The imaginary friend # 1, “do you start thinking good about him? Don’t listen to humans. They are manipulative and will hurt you at the end. Didn’t you have learned the lesson yet?”

The imaginary friend # 2 says,” don’t cry again, have you forgotten how much you have suffered”.

The imaginary friend # 1,” how you could do to yourself. I won’t call him a brave man. How he could be brave? He left you to die. He has abandoned you even he knows well that you won’t able to tolerate it. Those people have not seen your tears yet. They have not seen you in a devastating condition. We were here”.

She says,” here we go boys. The lecture already has started. Enjoy music now. I think all of you guys jealous with me whenever I have contact with the humans”.

Both boys said,” no, somewhat we are agreeable with your imaginary friends. We all love you. Everyone has failed to understand. We don’t want you to suffer again. We care about you”. She sighs,” of course, I understand your concern. Thanks for loving me. You guys are right. I will try my best to stay away from them”.

All speak together,” okay now tell us how is your trip to Europe. How do you like going out with the human kids? Have he came to visit there?”.

She laughs, “it is okay. Hard to handle human kids. I am acting as their bodyguards than being a companion to them. No, he is not here physically but of course, he is with me mentally all the time. I will talk to you guys later. Thanks for visiting me on this side of the world.

Doggy boy( Banny),” do you think the kids love you or will they take care of you if needed? ”. She replies,” no, they won’t. They don’t hate me but they don’t love me either. They don’t have any choice leaving me now, otherwise, they were also gone a long time ago. I know it a long time ago that they don’t like me but I pretend like “don’t know anything”.
Sara continues saying, “Banny, you were the first one to leave me. My life has derailed since you have gone. All my four thieves have gone at the same time. I am alone. That is called love and sacrifice in this dark era”.
Banny boy becomes sad, “But I came back as your angle. Almighty has told me that my life is completed. I have requested him that I need to stay by mommy. You are the best human mommy I ever had”.
She hugs her puppy, “Thanks for coming back to me. You are such an angle. I have always loved talking to you.
“Do whatever is best in your capacity but don’t hurt anybody’s feeling because karma strikes back”.

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