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Can you make a rough guess about someone’s patriotism? Her mother used to say, “the realization come to know when you deal with others”.
Patriotism toward India was her birthright which she has kept for a long time even she had given up her Indian citizen. She has kept the love for her country because she was told to be faithful toward her country. Every day she had saluted Tiranga at school and had recited the national anthem.

Her native country was her priority even she has lived at another country. She doubted that being a citizen of another country, she will ever be armed against her native country if the situation comes. She remembers when she had given up her Indian citizen and took the oath to become a US citizen. She had raised her hand in a different direction. She was asked later, “why you have raised a hand in a different direction?” Her answer was simple but realistic, “well, I doubt if I would chose to be armed against my native country. How I could faithful to my adopted nation if I am not faithfull to my native country. I will rather stay out if there will be ever conflict between my native and current country”. She was so young at that time. The national anthem and Indian flag were still fresh in her mind.

She did not have any specific answer when she was asked, “why you left your country then”. She had not made the decision to leave her native country. Her love has remained same for the native country but she has lost faith in the people of her native country.

The ghost of patriotism is still in her mind and brain.  It was sad when she found out how patriotic was her so-called husband toward his country. She knew right away when he refused to take her to Kargil Martyrdom Remembrance. You go all the way and won’t salute your martyrs who had given their lives to protect the country. She was surprised her but she did not say a word. His fake patriotism came to her knowledge when he said, Sardar Bhagat Singh was not a true freedom fighter. She said, “Are you kidding me, man?”.

Her so-called husband had given up his scientist job and research project just to be a cop because he loves the uniform. She thinks if you love the uniform so much, “why don’t you don the uniform  just on Halloween. Suddenly it came in her brain that Indian doesn’t celebrate Halloween so he had chosen to be a cop. Of course, her hubby bubby is a highly decorated top cop. He had done some good work while at the job. She remembers how he had taken off his uniform and jumped into the water to save the lives when there was a flood in the valley.  No doubt, he had fought with terrorism and slept with AK 47. Well, who has created those terrorists?

Slowly the reality of  patriotism has come to her knowledge when she got a chance to know more about the lawmakers, policymakers, and politicians. She could not find the real patriotism in anybody but of course, she had got many proofs which raised the question, “who have sold the country at what cost. Who has sold their souls for how much? She doesn’t care about others but she was more concerned about her loving husband.

Her friends often asked her, “wow sitting at a long distance, you know everything about everyone”.

Most of the time her co-workers had asked why you keep making a note when you talk to somebody on the phone. She could not say that she has a very poor memory and attention so she has to write everything to memorize how somebody has sold the patriotism and at what cost. However, she never could figure it out why somebody needs to sell the patriotism.  It was a shame to find out the price of patriotism.

Yes, she still feels sorry about the innocent people. Sometimes, a rebellion comes out of her when she sees people talking about fake patriotism toward the country. She always has a hard time controlling herself when she sees fakism instead of patriotism. It is hard for her to stay quiet so she has had created many enemies on both sides.

She doesn’t blame any particular reason or person. The corruption has made people to lose their patriotism. She was crying for one person’s dead soul but she got shocked to see many have sold their souls.

Her friend advises her, “can you be quiet. You won’t change everyone by talking but you will create more problems for yourself”.
She tried to keep her mouth shut but it always hurt when you see the reality of the people.  Why have to lie? Tell the truth. Nobody has anything to do with your personal views. Don’t because the politicians could lose their votes and high-rank officers could get publicly criticism. So, rest you know how our system work. The chakraviyu starts right here: criticism, fear, insecurity, bribery or corruption.

She feels lucky now being a USA citizen where you don’t have to pay the bribery to get justice or simply to fulfill your dream. However, she feels sorry for the native country. She feels sorry for innocent people.

Once known as a land of the warrior has lost its value to the corrupt system. She sees more patriotic people in her current country. However, A gap of patriotism is getting bigger day by day due to the system. The land is the same. The country is the same but the system and thoughts of people have changed significantly. Can you blame the public? No, because it is an era of darkness and people have become more selfish.

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      1. Let’s Not Give Up Hope. Losing Patriotism Is Like Loosing Faith In The Roots Of Your Being. It’s Easy To Be Swayed by The Good Things Of Other Countries But That Doesn’t Mean That We Have To Lost Faith In Our Own Country.

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      2. Please read my article:”who is responsible for those deaths. You will get some clue as the information is still classified, so I won’t be able to tell the entire detail on the blog site 🙂


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