The Word Game

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She used to make the words on the Word Crossy game. It has helped her to pass the time quickly. The game is very addicted. She often refused to share with him, “No bubby, this is my game only and I won’t share the APP with you”. Both did play the same game together when she visited him last night. He asked again for the name of the APP so he could download but she refused to share with him. She said, “Nope, I am so sorry but I will not share my game with you at all”. Both have acted like little children who don’t want to share the toys.

Now she does not play the word game anymore. Her time passes quickly playing with boys. They keep her busy all the time. Her eyes filled with the tears,” I feel alone since the communication is blocked in the Valley. I have not talked to my family recently. I hope that they are all well”.

Suddenly, she looks at her phone, “Oh my god Bubby, did you remember that you always want to play the word game on my phone but I was so mean to share with you. Sometimes I think that maybe you are upset at me because I refused to share my word game with you. You can have my word game but don’t go away or don’t go too far away. I do miss you. I do cry too. You know me well. I can’t stop crying. But both Ina boy and Banny won’t let me cry. The other two thieves are not very happy with me because I am not the same mom. I try my best to be happy around them. I cannot write to Abu either. I wish I could complain to him about you. Then I thought it will be too much. Abu won’t like to see my tears and he will get mad at you. I get worried about you. I don’t know how are you now. You don’t worry about me. I have a lot of imaginary friends to take care of me. I want you to take care of yourself. I am getting better but my memory continues to decline. I still have sharp past memory but the recent or short term memory is almost gone. I mostly forget to take my medicine and sometimes I have taken double because I always forget if I took it or not. Silly me. But I have a weekly dispenser which helps me a lot now. I was able to get my good score and my credibility back so I think it is time for me to resign now. I had to work hard to get my credibility but I have done it. First, you took my job by calling my boss. Your name was sold bubby. It was going to hurt me forever that you have taken my job. I don’t want to live on that. You have taken everything so I thought fighting back to get my job. So I have done it. I will not feel regret quitting now. I have written my resignation letter and will give to my boss tomorrow. Why I have to work now? I don’t have the desire or any goal left anymore. My life style is very simple so I don’t need to work”.

Sara, “you can easily download the game from the APP store. Make sure the picture is same as I have posted because there are many another similar games. I want you to be happy. I am sorry that I have not shared my wordy game with you earlier. You can have my game bubby”.

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