The clock never stop ticking

The time continues to lapse with its pace. Her life has stopped where he has abandoned her. She have learned how to survive and smile with very tough and rough way. She still alive if the meaning of life is breathing only. She have learned from her trip to Europe that she doesn’t belong to the outside world. Her world is her house. She has lost her interest to the external environment. So far she has acted well to look happy so her beautiful doll won’t think that she has forced her to come out of the house. She is continued to perform her duties. Well, she is born to do some obligation. The desire of God is to keep her alive.

People says,’move forward’. She feels as people says,’stop breathing’. Everyone has individuality so their thoughts are also independent. She is not only a single individual on the earth who believes in a soul connection and love. A IPS officer also believes in a soul love. Don’t label someone with being a crazy if the person believes in a soul love. Yes, the educated people also believe in the soul love.

Not sure if she shed more tear or she smile. Something is hidden behind her smile. Why people make a guess looking at the smile that the person is so happy. We are the people who judge others. However, we always forget to look deep to know the reality.

After talking to a gentleman yesterday, she has realized that not everyone judge others. He called her hubby Bubby a brave cop which make her so proud of him. This is the second time in a year when someone called him,”brave or good”. Yes, she has loved him being a brave just like her Abu. However, what she would do with his gallantry awards when her life is shattered being his coward. The officer has praised her loving man but also blessed her. Thanks you for listening her.

She has already forgiven the people who has disrespected and humiliated her, judged her, or attempted to take disadvantages. She can’t forgive only her hubby bubby because she is a human being not a God.

God bless everyone!!!

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