The Killer

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A killer sitting just outside of her door and waiting eagerly for her to come out. However, she laughs at her killer, “Are you kidding me? Killing is the far-away, can you just trap the wounded tiger? Are you here to kill my body because my soul is already killed by my so-called husband? Have you taken the permission from the almighty yet because I was failed to kill myself? Almighty has given me a task to do it which is not completed yet so I doubt he would allow you to kill me unless I complete my task.”
Then she thinks, “well, who is hungry for my blood? The people who I have trusted and they betrayed me? Or the people who trusted me, and I have betrayed them”.
Either way, she is lucky. Somebody is ready to do somebody’s job. She told him many times, “you should shoot me that day”. But he has not listened to her. He said only one thing, “How I can kill you. How you can even think that I could harm you”. He was not willing to shoot his loving woman.
Well, she is happy whatever she did it. She have done whatever she was taught to do it since her birth. She was taught, “don’t harm anybody but don’t let anybody harm you”. She was also taught who is first and who is second. Her protector, the real warrior, and the patriotic died when she was a teen so she doesn’t care anybody else. She could not let her protector’s principle of patriotic down.
She remembers saying, “I will finish the roots instead of trimming the branches. Her Abu had died fighting. Nobody could have the capacity to harm her if her Abu would have lived in that dark night. So, let’s cut those roots” so her norm was clear.

For while she has forgotten the man who has loved her and has killed her soul. For a while, she has forgotten who is the real enemies? Do the enemies live outside of your house? No, the enemies most of the time live inside the circle but we are failed to recognize.
In her shock state, she has met her enemies. She has created more enemies than friends. Some she created, but some enemies she has inherited from her so-called husband. Anyway, the dead soul with an alive body was able to do something. She was able to save some coward souls.
Well, it makes her thinks, “was it worthy to saving those cowards souls to putting your own life on the stake?”
She thinks for a while, “No, it was not worthy to saving those coward people. well, due to her actions, those cowards could see their families and the children”.
She did everything at her own will. She just used to say, “Okay, you owe me another cup of tea”
Those were the people who humiliated her once but they could not recognize her when she went back to save their lives. Or they just become deaf and blind.
Does she need anything back from them? No, she doesn’t need anything from them. They won’t able to protect her. How they could protect her because she went to protect them. They could not protect themselves so she doesn’t keep any hope from them. They are just judgmental people. They know only how to take but don’t know how to give away. She refers them, “as a biggest losers and beggars”.

She asks herself and others, “Define the victory”. Sometimes she laugh when the biggest losers and beggars talks so big on the social media, “Really, give me a break”.
Oh, about her killer who is waiting outside of her home to snap her neck. She laughs at him, “well, you will be the brave one to kill me. Can you reach me? You were not able to touch me when I was at your home. How you will harm me when I am safe and secure at my home”.
She asks her killer, “where were you when I had challenged you at your doorsteps. Don’t you think that it is too late for your action? You think that I will get scared with your little fairy tales”.
She smiles, “I will be wandering in nature. You can’t scare the woman whose soul is already dead, and who already lives with the dead souls. Don’t waste your time because only almighty could take my life without my permission”.

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