The Fight

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She fought with him while half sleeping. The fight was started when she asked him why are you still in my mind and brain. She asked, “I am away from everything. You have taken everything away from me. Nothing has left in me. Are you happy now? I run away everywhere but you still keep chasing me. The Europe trip one of our plans which we wanted to go together. I am here. Why are you not here?”
“I am keeping my promise but you have completely failed. I wonder how you can do your job when you were failed to protect your love.”
She yelled at him, “Bubby, protection is too far away, you even could not recognize your love. You are the best actor that I have ever seen. Did you get it whatever you wanted? Did you lose anything which you were afraid to loose? Why are you continue to lie?. Are you continue to lie to save yourself? Or are your lying because you are afraid to face the truth? Or are you just lying to yourself”?
She gets angry, “why are you silent? I am not scared of anybody. I can protect myself from being a woman. Can you blame me why I get so upset? Why I get so angry? You have made me a looser. I was a fighter because of you I am losing trust in myself and others”.
Where is your plan gone now? Where is your solution to the problem now? Where is your brilliant brain when it came to solving your own personal issue. You completely failed to provide justice to your love. Do you remember me what you said to me? What you had said to the woman who came to find you after crossing all the mountains and the ocean. I remember, ” let’s sit together and we will come to the solution”
“I was afraid that you were taken away from me. How many time I had told you  about my fear but you had told me, “no, can you believe me? Can you have faith munna, I will never leave you alone”. You had made those promises by swearing almighty. Why I am alone here? Why my phone doesn’t ring anymore? I have loved you more than anybody else even more than Almighty.”

She has fought with him until she fell in sleep.
She woke up and write to her non-biological brother, “why he did this to me”.
Brother asked the sister, “what is your conclusion and what do you feel”.
She just replied, “Confused as usual”. Brother told the sister, “God will answer you one day. He shall make you stronger. Fighter.”
However, time is very less and she has many questions for her so-called soul mate.
Now, she afraid when people talk to her nicely. She walks away from the people who talk in a sweet tone, or they smile. She afraid to get backstab again because it give you a non-healed wound which give you all the time pain.

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