How Long She Will Grieve

She has kept all her promises which she has made with her counselor. But he wants her to move forward. He said that it is time to move forward now or never. He has sent her article to read which is written by a Dr. Monica Frank defines betrayal as, “The most devastating loss a person can experience”. A person with psychological trauma goes through the process of grief such as Shock, denial, anger, and acceptance. Her counselor says that she is going back in forth of this process of grief. She is not agreed with her counselor. Everybody has a different way and timing to grieve. She is active on social media. She has kept the list of friends and she has not deleted her social media account again.
The emotional pain changes the entire dynamic of life. It could change the personality significantly. It does not matter which stage of life the human is. It impacts equally at any age. Women are more emotional than men. It also impacts the entire family. Sensitive and emotional people suffer more from psychological trauma. She admits that her personality has changed completely since his betrayal. She has lost the trust and faith in others. She admits that she is afraid of talking to people because she is afraid of hurting again. Some people afraid of talking to her while she keeps the distance from others. She likes talking to her imaginary friends or some good souls because she knows that they won’t betrayal her. They won’t break her trust and faith. Neither souls nor imaginary friends will shatter her feelings, which is a fact. She rather likes to have a pen pal than talking to the people. She likes to be a pen pal of person who does not know her and will never meet her in life, so they won’t judge her. However, her psychologist is not agreed with her. He wants her talking to others in person instead of through her writing. He does not count talking at work with the patients. She even doesn’t like talking to her counselor.
She is able to control her impulses and her reckless behavior without anybody’s support. She is off from her medicine and she does not have any homicidal or suicidal thoughts. Well, she is a human so going back and forth in a grieving process is not abnormal. She cries loudly but only in the presence of almighty. She has not missed her work at all. She is doing everything to push her life along. Why people think that it is not healthy to live your life lonely. She enjoys it. She loves her boring life. She has attended some social functions recently. She does not understand why It is important to communicate with others in a person. She does not like people or people don’t like her. But everybody is happy. The only person she has loved and trusted has shattered her soul, how she could trust anybody else. She won’t even trust the Almighty if he would come to tell her something. She stays always from the people who talk so sweetly and politely to her because they are the back dagger or stabber.
The wise man was right, “don’t be fool living among with the fools”. She likes the wise man because he had kept her in the discipline. She is not hiding anything from anybody. She writes everything which comes in her mind and of course, her counselor makes a note from her writing. He is not agreed with her decisions. He smells her behavior reflects a hiding rebellion inside of her. She is not perfect because her perfection has stolen. She won’t be the same person. But she is happy that no mother and no altaf tells her what to do or not to do. She enjoys her small world. She believes in the 14th century so how she could forget him. The dream and love are gone but her self-confidence has started to return. In the end, she has chosen to spend the rest of her life remembering a good and bad moment of her life which has spent with him. She is not alone because she could feel his presence around her. She has fired her counselor, and will find a new one who could better understand her theory of life and love. She lives in the modern and dark era but her soul is trapped into her own beliefs. She will continue to grieve in her loss for the rest of life because she is stubborn until almighty will give her justice and answer to her, ‘why’.

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