Monday Morning Good News

She wakes up from the sleep, and checks her message on the phone, and deep smiles comes on her face.

She gets out of the bed to tell the boys. But she could not find them.

She looks at the front yard through her window. Her both friends are sitting in the car but not the boys.

She looks at the back window. Both boys are playing with each other.

She open her back window and calls the boys,”hey boys come inside. I have a good news for you guys. You will get sick playing in the rain”.

Ina boy come close to the window, ” what is the news?”

She says,”yep, I have received the message. He is absolutely fine”.

Ina boy tells her,”I ready knew”

She asks,”how you know”.

Ina boy laughs,”simple, he should be sitting next to us if something was happened wrong to him. You just scare for nothing. You make us scare for nothing”.

She laughs at the boy, “you were angle so God has sent to support me. Only angle or chosen one with good humanity is sent to help the human. Your father will not be chosen one or angle. So he won’t come to us. Don’t be sad or upset. He have done many wrong things. He have made many people to suffer. He have shown many people hell on the earth. So he won’t come to us. He will go directly to the hell zone”.

Ina boy raise his hand up,”give me a high five my lady”.

She advise the boys, “you guys play inside. I have to go back to sleep”

Good night

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