Conversation With The Boys

Image result for shadow of boy and dog
Picture taken from You Tube: The Art of Thiyagu

She suddenly looks toward the chair while was cooking. She shakes her head and looks again toward the chair. The chair is empty now. She is alone in the kitchen. He is not there. Why she feels his presence. He often used to sit on that chair but today the chair is empty. He is not reading his book sitting on the specific chair. He is not there to observe how she cooks. Mostly he used to observe her silently but later would tell her. Suddenly, it comes in her brain that he is not here. She is just in the dream or remembers the past. She could not stop herself looking at the chair expecting to see him again.

Suddenly, Ina boy breaks her dream. Ina boy, “Do you miss my dad. I miss him too”.

She hugs the boy, “Yes. I miss him too. Do you know about the curfew in the Valley? I don’t have any ideas about how he is? I am not able to connect with anybody so hard for me to know his well-being. I won’t be allowed to go over there. Nobody could enter into the Valley. I hope that he wears his safety jacket. I have sent him a message to keep the jacket on all the time. I hope he has received my message. Have you heard anything about your father, boy?”

Ina boy gets busy playing with the doggy boy, “No, I have no idea either”.

She looks at them. Both are busy playing with each other. Ina is trying to grab Banny’s tail but Banny won’t let him do it. She laughs at them and thinks in her mind, “what a cute, innocent and lovely boys”.

Suddenly, Ina boy comes into the kitchen again and held her hand, “You love him. Why you could not lie? He wants you to lie. You could be happiest now if you had listened to him. The month of Oct is coming soon. Can you believe we have somethings in the common?”.

She looks at Ina boy, “Hmm, How I could forget the month of Oct. I was born and you were gone to Almighty. I could not understand why you came to me right away? What is the reason? Why you don’t visit your parents instead of visiting me? You can take Banny with you so he can enjoy the Valley and meet your parents. But keep him away from your father. He does not like dog specially Banny boy. Thank God, he could not bring his gun here, otherwise, he was going to shoot my dog”.

Ina boy gets upset, “No, my father won’t shoot my doggy. You are just trying to avoid my question”.
She could not see Ina boy’s sad face, so she stops cooking. She calls them, “Okay boys, let’s go sit outside, so we could talk”.

Both boys run outside as she hardly opens the patio door. She yells at the boys, “Can you guys calm down? One day, you guys will get hurt while jumping around”.

She sits on the stairs. Ina boy sits next to her. Banny looks for a mat while wiggling his tail. Both laugh at Banny because both know he won’t sit on the floor without the mat.

She suddenly tells Ina, boy, “can you believe it? I never have seen a dog like Banny who does not want to sit on the floor unless there is the mat”.
She is in a little grumpy mood today. So, she grabs Banny and makes him sit on the floor by them. Banny sits on the floor but gives her look, “Why hooman mommy makes me sit on the dirty floor. I do not like being dirty. Ina boy gives you a hard time by asking those stupid questions about his dad. I don’t like his dad because he has made my mommy sad and cry. Okay, I am also interested to ask why you did not lie as his dirty dad told you to do so”.

She looks at them and both look at them back for the answer.
She tells the boys, “You guys are so stubborn. I wonder why you come to me all the time?
She asks Ina boy, “Can you tell me Ina boy that your father was born first or mine?
Ina boy, “Of course, your dad was born first”.
She laughs, “Okay, it is very clear now. I have to listen to my father who came in my life before your father. My father had told me not to lie and always try to speak the truth, and be honest. Your father had told me to lie. Boys, the truth always come out. I always used to tell your father that reality and fire never could be hidden for a long time. So, I had chosen my father’s advice”.
Ina boy shakes his head as he has accepted her response. He slowly held her hand with his tiny hands, “But you have a right to live happily. It hurt both me and Banny when we see you cry and sad”.

She hugs Ina boy, “I have you. You are a lovely boy. Your parents had made me a puppet. Both of them had tried to make my sandwich. It is good that I am away from them. Otherwise, both of you will be sitting with me in the mental hospital instead of this beautiful yard. I love your father. No doubt, he has given so much love and affection that I never used to miss my family. It is okay because I have the best son in the world with me. Don’t tell my kids about that. Both of them also jealous if they hear that their mother love you guys. Your father used to get jealous too. Can you believe all three of them used to jealous with Banny boy? Who jealous with the lovely doggy boy”?

Banny boy almost drools when he heard the name of a sandwich, “Can we eat? I am kinda hungry”.
Ina boy teases Banny, “You always get hungry especially when we talk something serious”.
Banny senses his teasing so he barks at him.
She interferes in their fight. “Okay enough, no fight, let’s go inside before it rains. Ina boy, don’t forget to wish, a Eid Mubarek to your parents ”
Both boys run inside. She looks at the dark and cloudy sky one more time, tells in her mind, ‘Eid Mubarek Bubby’ before she closes the patio door. She tries to find him in the sky. She cleans her tear quickly so both boys could not see her.

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