Nobody knows what is happening in the Valley

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It is 6th day when nobody knows what is happening in the valley. All I have heard a rumor. Somebody has posted a picture of a soldier talking to the children, claiming that there is a peace in the Valley. However, the picture is not recent because the kids have worn warm clothes (Phiran, hats, and gloves). However, the weather in the Valley is the same as in Chicago. How many I have seen wearing winter clothes in Chicago today? 

Image taken from twitter posted by Ashish Kohli, #The Nationalist, and #TheProudDograHindu

Somebody has claimed hundreds of local people get arrested and 50 died. How that person gets that news because nobody has permission entering into the Valley. Even the president of the opposition party has sent back from Srinagar airport.  


A police officer who claimed on the twitter that arresting and killing of locals are fake. He also has claimed that there is a peace in the Valley. 

There is a picture of one man entering the Mosque for prayer which is described as, “safe and secure environment for Friday prayer”. 

There are many racists, sexual harassment, and nasty comments written on Facebook by some radicalized people. I feel ashamed reading it so how I can write the same comments here. I am a woman and I have a daughter, which make me feel as “insult of entire women race”. I will only say to those people who have written those comments that “They don’t respect their mother, sister, daughter, wife, or grandmothers who want to rape the Muslim women”. It is ashamed that the Govt of India has not taken any action because those people could be easily tracked. One has given his picture with a bank where he works. But there is no single comment from the Govt of India to regret it or feel sorry on the behalf of those idiots. 

The one person on Facebook has commented and challenged me when I wrote against his comment because he wrote insulting words to my best friend’s mother. He wished to insult the woman who is a grandmother. Now you think that what is the mentality of my native country’s youths. My best friend is a police officer who is fortunately posted outside the valley, but he doesn’t have any clue about his family. He has young children, old mother and father, sister, and wife. The person is on the front-line to protect his country, but the radicalized people are busy to insult his mother. It is a shameful situation. 

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Picture taken from Face book

The radicalized people have judged me by my name only which is a Muslim name. Now you guys can make guess how much they have hate for the Kashmiris. On NDTV posting only two of us were trying to fight with thousands when they were talking nasty about the women of Valley. One radicalized has threatened me that “I could be next to die”. I challenged him to see me when the curfew will end. I also advised him bringing his daughter, wife, sister, or mother with him so I can show them the dirty thoughts of their man.  

This is a little funny. A highly educated woman who belongs to the corrupt political family in Punjab has robbed by a hacker and robbed some million in Indian currency. Everybody knows in the Punjab state that the money belongs to the blood of the poor people. So I commented to the hacker, God job for robbing her but distribute all the money to the poor”. There were also comments from many other Punjabi peoples. Then guess what I got non-friendly replies from a Hindu female because my name is Sara Altaf Khan. So my dear Hindu woman has written that non-sense comment to me only judging by my name only.  

The UN peacemaker standing in the middle of two nuked countries to prevent the war. What the UN will do when two monkeys have the key to the nuke. No other nation including the US has taken the steps to prevent the rights of Kashmiris. Why? It is very clear because Kashmiris are Muslim people. The entire worlds think that Muslim are jihadi. Have anybody meet those local people in the valley?. They are very innocent. They become so happy to see a foreigner. They will provide you the hospitality you ever get anywhere else. Yes, I went close to them. I am a foreigner and I am not Muslim but they have given me support and shelter when I was in the crisis of my life. 

I had left the Valley when I was 5 because my father had to go to Russia. I lived rest of my life in Punjab. I was born as Sikh and was trained to be as a warrior. I have changed my name to show my dedication to the man who is a love of my life. I have adopted his name. The USA is the land of opportunity but It was not my choice coming to the USA. In 1984 the genocide of Sikhs and the rape of many Sikh women made my parents to send their only daughter to the USA to save her. I had lost my Abu in the Genocide of Sikh. I had lost my identity. I had my real name and my date of birth. There were many of us forced to leave to the foreign countries by our parents so we can be safe. Will this not happen again because my Sikh brothers have taken responsibility. So, please the women of the valley do not panic because my brothers are the warriors and they will protect you. They will not care to lose their lives saving the pride of a women.  

Today has become the happiest day because of this:

Last 26th Jan, I could not put the picture of Indian Flag on my social media account to protect my classified mission. I was very disappointed and I had requested a senior police officer to flag it for me. I have loved my native country, and I was trained to give my life for my country. Half of my belief was gone after the genocide of Sikhs but now I have a question mark on my loyalty to my native country. Well, I am not ready to salute the Indian Flag on Independence day on 08/15/2019. the reason is very clear because the minorities were never freed, and I have deleted the flag from my desktop. It is 6th day when I don’t feel like going back to India or Valley. It is a day 6th when I hesitate to say or think that I am an Indian. I cannot tolerate injustice. First, the radicalized people had tried to genocide Sikhs, and then now they have given psychological trauma to the Muslim minority people in the valley. Who will be the next: Nagaland people or Christian in the south 

Not all Hindu People are radicalized. We did get some good comments. Remember we cannot blame the entire race for the action of some few people. But It makes me thinks that why all Muslim are jihadi or terrorists. 

The Pak, rival of India always talk big but can’t stand the power of India. So, don’t talk if you cannot do anything. Keep your statements to you only. Don’t encourage Kashmiri people to do something bad. They are psychologically broken so don’t take the advantages of their broken souls. Don’t play with their feelings so stay away from them. 

Why the rest of the world has not taken the action because they are Muslims. No, they are the human just like others.  

In the end, “I am against the war. I am agreed that Indian flag should be unfurled in JK as the rest of India. It is okay to have the same constitution in the entire country. The Kashmir is an integral part of India. But The govt of India should not take all the rights away from locals. The govt should not pass the bill that anybody from India could buy the land in JK. The land of JK is the property of Kashmiris. That is their home and people feel safe in their home. The govt of India has taken the rights of Kashmiri. They took their sense of security. That is why people of Valley don’t feel safe in their home today. The senior leaders had made the treaty for Kashmiri people to protect the rights of Kashmiris. The US did also made a treaty with The Native American which is still in action. Nobody has violated the treaty of The Native Indians. The most powerful country of the world has kept the treaty and promise, then what is the problem with the Indian Govt. Why they don’t pay attention to the corruption and poverty than playing with the emotions of the minority. Nobody wants to mess with a dirty game of politics. They have created many puppets who are brainless.

The PM of India is worried about the dead people. Why he is not worried about the people whose pride and life is on the stake. Why PM has not gone to JKP yet? Why he does not go over there and talk to them.  

India is the oldest democratic country in the world. But the decision to demise the articles and rights of Kashmiris were a one-sided decision. There was nobody present to represent the voice of Kashmiris. So, you guys can guess if it was a dictatorship or democratic decision. 

Where are the world’s humanitarian groups?  Of course, It is a India’s internal affair but some innocent people get robbed and getting harassed. It also become the matter of humanitarians when there is risk of human lives or women’s rape, or possible cleansing of ethnicity. Are waiting for something to happen bad.

Plz take the curfew out, and let the foreigner journalists come to interview the locals. Give Kashmiri people right to talk so rest of world could listen to reality. Why hiding if there is peace in the valley. The Kashmir valley is the highest militarized area in the world.  

“ I don’t represent any political party. My views are personal. I have written this article for the sake of minority people. My action is humanitarian. I am a woman and mother who could not take the insult of any women of any religion”  

9 thoughts on “Nobody knows what is happening in the Valley

  1. So You Have Made it Clear, It’s an Islamist Superemicist View. If Their are 10 Million Kashmiri Muslims You’re Worried For,Then What About 5 Million Kashmiri Hindus Who Were Forced To Leave Their Houses, Their Women Were Raped. Everything Is Alright In Kashmir. Please Leave India With It’s Problem Alone. We Don’t Need anyone’s Help. Minorities are Not Freed, For God’s Sake Don’t Misuse The Goodness Of Indians. We Have Muslims President & Sikh Prime Ministers Here. Yes There are Conflicts But You Can’t Judge Entire Country On Few Things. I Can Give You Thousand Facebook Images Of Muslims Threatening Hindu & Sikh Women Of Rape. But I Still Believe That All Muslims are Not Like That.
    Why The World Think That Muslims are Jihadis ? Because They are. It’s Not Hate Speech & You Can Delete This Comment But Facts Can’t Be Changed. US Was Living Happily. One Day Few Superemicist Like You Wage a War On It Shouting Allah Hoo Akbar Through a Plane. Killing Innocents. India Has Wounded So Many Times That We Can’t Even Count. All The World Conflicts Involve Muslims as It’s Party. Whether It’s Christians,Jews,Hindus & Even Buddhist & Atheists Of China. Even Muslims are Killing Muslims In Iraq & Syria.
    So It’s Great That You Left India. India Was Saved From Intellectual Jihad. Don’t Worry About Our PM & Kashmir. we Can Handle It Well. thank You

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    1. 30000 Sikhs was killed nobody raise the question. I can give you a proof on the Facebook how Hindus wanted to rape kishmiri women. India is not anybody’s personal property. India is my country too. Don’t think that you will not
      Take care of India by yourself. Not few things, think 39 CRPF people were killed. Don’t you guys feel sorry for their families. That attack could be prevented. Ofcourse hindu govt also killed those 39 people. No, I had not left India but I was forced to do it. Kashmir was a game of politics but not a jihad. “Who are the real terrorists maker” read that plz. The govt of India is failed to handle Kashmir. How many people had you lost in your family to protect the country or fought for the freedom of country. So please don’t make your opinion by my name. Go deep into the reality. Sit in the cold nights where temp goes to minus. Do some combat with suicidal bombers. Then my dear blogger buddy, ask me the questions. So please if don’t know the reality, don’t pass any comments or judge the people. God bless America


    2. Yes you made judgement that I have Islamic view. My Muslim name is dedicated to my love. I am a Sikh. My brother in law was a silver gun holder brigadier in the Indian army who died fighting in Kargil. My great great great grandfather was a freedom fighter who had given his life in Gadri baba revolution. Oh don’t forget to ask higher authority of JKP. You guys were celebrating Jan 26. We dame racist people were busy that day diffusing the IED mines. I will make sure next time you will be with us doing that work. After ward you will forget your views about the Islam and Sikhs. Of course your comments shows racial view and hate for Islam. I will forward it this to higher authorities of JKP/Indian. Of course my blog always read by the authorities every day. 2 days ago, JKP has called a woman, a daughter of Kashmir or India, who fought for the country. The same woman you called racist. Wow. Next home you question mark or judged on my loyalty, believe me I will hunt you down. I am not afraid.


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