The Demise of Valley

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Sorry, Dear Valley You won’t be beautiful as You Look Now

Her beautiful valley is so quiet today. She could not hear the sound of Lidder and Sindh today. Why this Valley is so sleepy? Why nobody is talking? She always likes peace but why she doesn’t like this kind of piece. The demise of the valley has already started on 08/05/2019 when the Govt of India has taken the one-sided decision. The Govt has taken the rights of local Kashmiris. The soul of Kashmiris has been taken away but none of them knows that their soul has taken away. They are caged. They are given three-month supply and they will be caged for the next couple of months. Of course, The Kashmir is ahead of India but it is a soul of Kashmiris.
There is no way of communication. No landline phones are working. No internet and no mobile phones. They are caged in their homes. What will happen when they will come out of their homes. What will be their reaction when they will know their rights are taken away? She is angry and sad. There is no way she could communicate with her friends and family. She is worried about her bubby and the family. The last time she has spoken to one of his security men to make sure he wears his bulletproof jacket. She knows how he can just leave it on the car seat. The only way to approach him was through the media but does not how long the media will be prisoner.
What is the future of the beautiful Valley? In the short-term, the white snow of the valley will be the red color with the blood of the people. It does not matter if the blood will be the Hindu, Muslim or Sikhs. It does not matter if the blood will be the terrorists, army, or the innocent people, or the local law enforcement agencies, or the foreigner. All does matter is the blood would belong to the human race which is going to happen on the heaven on the earth (Kashmir is also known as heaven and paradise). The UN peacemakers are presently standing in the middle of two nuked countries. How long they will stand there to protect the innocent people? This is a dirty game of politics but some people have made it as religion war for their greed. Almighty never said, “Kill each other or insult others’ sisters or daughters. Reading the dirty comments about Kashmiris’ daughters and sisters, it has made her think, Should I salute my ‘Tiranga’(The national flag of India)? Her two young beautiful daughters live in the valley. Even she knows that is not the fault of Tiranga. It is a fault of the dirty politics and the public. she is born as Indian but is she. The public of India always become so sentimental when it comes to their religions or country. They are just the puppets who are not using their brain this time. Of course, there will be a judgment day.
So, the dirty game of politician has played both cards in the game: The country and Religion. Nobody has shown any empathy and sympathy for Kashmiris because they are the minority people. All she reads dirty jokes about the locals especially the Muslim population. Even your name sounds as a Muslim name, be ready to face the consequences. She has adopted her new name because of her dedication to the man she loves. So, she has faced many racist comments. Once she had to give her identity away due to the Genocide of Sikhs in 1984. How many Sikhs were killed all over the country? She was a young child but she still could not forget certain comments. “Balu, Naach Reha ha” means the bear is dancing. The radicalized Hindu had thrown the oil and put the burning car tire around the neck of a Sikh man. The person was screaming and jumping in the pain when bystanders radicalized laughed and passed the comment, “Balu Naach Reha Ha”. India is the oldest democratic country in the world. Many Sikhs women were raped and killed by the radicalized. The Sikhs temples were burnt. Afterward, the Sikhs fled to the different countries or they made their children to leave the country. Today, Punjab is not looking Punjab but represent more UP, or MP. Of course, you can not mess with the Sikhs. They are a warrior. They have taken revenge by killing the most powerful politician woman on the earth, Indira Gandhi”. The strong politician had made one mistake to attack the Golden Temple and she paid the big price.
Now the history has repeated in the Kashmir. The beautiful paradise on the earth has taken step toward the destruction. She won’t steal her friend’s word who said the demise of Kashmir article has open the gateway to the 3rd world war. She prays it won’t happen. She is against the war. No doubt, the Kashmir is an integral part of India but God mercy that is the land of Kashmiris. The world history is witnessed. The united states have made the treaty with the native Indian but they are keeping the promise and treaty both. But look at her native country, the treaty was broken. The premises has broken. Well, what do you guys except when the caged Kashmiris will come out of the cage? Do you think they will salute the Tiranga? No, there will be riots. The economy will go down. Maybe they will also flee to another Muslim majority countries. The genocide of Kashmiris is started on 08/05/2019 by snatching their land. Who is Jihadi now? Who are the terrorists now?
Which minority group will be the next victim of this oldest democratic country? Christian or Buddhism? Wait and watch.
She always has a desire to do her burial in the valley where she was born. Today she is ready to rethink. Once she was proud of being an Indian but it is under the question marks now. This is not only a matter of religion. It could become a personal war for her because her soul husband, her two beautiful daughters, and her so-called sis live in the Valley. Well, anybody could stop her if something happens to them. She feels, “Nothing left in the valley. It is sleeping now. The nights are so dark. All Kashmiris are sleeping into the darkness”.
“Almighty, please help your people. They are your creations. Just Wake them up. Tell them that they are not animal. Tell them to wake up their human side”.

Her soul is taken away twice in last 10 months.

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