A Letter to Almighty: Please Help The People of The Valley

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Dear Almighty,

I have written my last letter to you a long time ago. It does not mean that I don’t remember you. You are my creator. Of course, you live in my heart and brain. You have the capability to read my mind. I do pray and miss you every day even it is just for a few seconds.
My friends and family who live in my native country need your blessing for safety and peace. I am your creation so you know me better than anybody else which include myself.
It makes me angry and frustrated when I hear the false rumors. Nobody hesitates to spread the hate but not a wave of peace. Why people fight for the sake of religion, fake pride, and prestige, and land? I respect all religions. I could not find an answer from anybody including my local imam. Who was born first the religion or a human?
I think that human was born first, and all the religions are created by humans. As you know the humans are the worse one to create any conflict. Some personal greed doesn’t stop them keeping the gun on someone’s shoulder and make them to pull trigger.
The dirty game of politics and some religious leaders has created the situation that two countries are standing on the borders to kill each other. It does not matter which side of the soldier dies but we losing one more human life for nothing.
The soldiers die fighting for their country but also their family dies with them too. It does not matter which side of LOC people dies but we are losing the other human. God, please come to the LOC and protect both side of people. All those politicians, lawmakers, policymakers, and the high command army officers, they are rich, their families are safe. No war or war does not affect them. Do you Know God nobody care when general public suffer? I want you to help both sides of the public. I want you to do some magic. I want all politicians, religious leaders, and high ranks officers from both sides pick up the guns and fight with each other. I want their children should be fighting on the borders. Then they will know the real pain and damage from the war when they will lose their own loved ones.

I also want you to protect my friends and families. I have friends who are Hindu, Muslim, and Sikhs and they are also citizens of my native country, please help them. Bless them a long and peaceful life.

I have two brothers one is Muslim and another is Sikh.Β  Both lives on the opposite sides of borders. Do you remember they have supported me when I was going thru the tough time of my life? Please bless them and their families. My Sikh brother has a beautiful wife and a daughter who is trying to do some humanitarian work. My brother in Pak has two beautiful kids(twins) boy and girl and a beautiful wife, so help him too. My Paki brother is an army officer and of course he will be on the frontline. So please God, come and help my both brothers.
I know everyone will say after reading my letter that I am the most stupid person on earth which I don’t care. Yes, please my hubby Bubby who is the top cop in JK, his life will be on the stake at this time. He always forget to wear his safety jacket.Β  I know he has abandoned me but he is the love of my life. He is my soul. Anything happens to him, it won’t take me a minute to change into a Devil. Please bless my other family members such as my two brothers in law and families, my mom and dad whom I never met. Please protect my so-called sis and my two beautiful daughters who still live in the valley. Please help and bless my hubby Bubby’s family. I know they were mean to me and they have abandoned me but still, they are my family. But God who knows better than me.
I have many friends in the police department of JK, please bless them to be safe and in peace so they could have a wonderful rest of their life with their loved ones. Please protect them because they are just doing their jobs.

The khan family who has adopted your Sara, also lives in the valley. Please go to the valley to protect them. God, you know well once the elderly of my adopted family had fought for the freedom of my country from the British govt. Then why some radicals are against the Muslim? My great great great grandfather who was died fighting as a Gadri Baba. The khans from the valley came to support me when I was left alone to die. Please come down to teach the humans some humanity for the sake of those freedom fighters.

You won’t believe God when someone asked me on the Facebook why I am jealous when I have raised the question to an army officer whose speach was not very peaceful. They have judged me by my name but not knowing that I am a born in a Sikh warrior family, and my protector was a warrior who was a Muslim and died fighting with terrorists. Almighty can you come down just few minutes to teach humanity to the humans for the sake of my Abu. Can you teach those people that our nation needs a peaceful lecture, not a hate crime type?
God people are trying to become a god themselves. They have forgotten what is the main religion of the human. I think it is called humanity. Do I have to tell them that animals have better humanity than them?
Of course your daughter Sara willing to follow your order. Yes, Sara could throw her stethoscope away once again but please teach the humans some reality of the life. Show them the benefits of love and humanity. God Please show them about the consequences of war.
You can imagine or figure it out by urself how much human use their brain. They are the greedy species who did not feel a shame dividing the almighty. They have made many peace’s of God and continue to ranting my God is greater than yours. My dear God/Almighty, the human has divided you in a multiple pieaces. So, they won’t hesitate to divide the land more and they won’t hesitate to shed blood more.
God teach them to donate the blood to save some lives instead of shedding on the earth. Please tell them God which one is more beneficial saving someone life with the blood or it is more beneficial just coloring the land with the blood. I doubt that blood would help to grow the crops. Even if it would who will eat the food which is grown with someone’s blood.
We need peace God. Come to the Valley to save it because my soul still wonders somewhere in the Valley. I am waiting for you along with another uncountable people so you help to give us a peaceful environment.
Your daughter,

3 thoughts on “A Letter to Almighty: Please Help The People of The Valley

  1. Beautiful thoughts, Sara/Munna! I, too, live in a violent land. I’ll add a Christian voice to yours. Lord Jesus, please help! Please bring peace to every heart that will let you in — in every valley, mountain and plain of creation. πŸ™‚

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