The Conversation of Imaginary Friends: A Decision Breaking the Protocol

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Both friends sit under the tree outside of her house. They are waiting for her to come outside.  

The second friend, “Do you think she will come out”? 

The first friend says, “yep, she has too. She does not have much choice”.  

“Can you remind me why we still accompany her? We should leave her when she was 5-year-old per our protocol”, the first friend asks the second friend.   

The second friend, “we cannot just leave her alone. Who she should talk to if we decide to leave her too”  

First friend, “why she become like this? She doesn’t care about herself anymore?”  

The second friend says remorsefully, “when has she cared about herself”? 

The second friend again, “yes, I have not seen her crying lately which make me little worried. Have you heard her husband have got some type of promotion? She is happy for him which make me so little uncomfortable though. Why the heck she is happy for him who took everything away from her”.  

The first friend laughs, “You don’t know the definition of love. She is being she, that is why”.  

The second friend sighs, “Yeah, I know her habit. She prays to god for the welfare of friends, family, even her enemies. I have not seen such weirdo like her before”.  

The first friend gives a suspicious look to his friend, “lately you are criticizing her a lot. We know her off and on for since last 40 years. What is wrong with you?”  

Second friend, ” Because I care and concern about her. She will never grow out of her habits. People take advantage of their habits. She has seen hell in her life but she continues to trust humankind”.  

The first friend, “She trusts humankind because she is one of them. I wonder why she won’t let us go inside her home”  

The second friend, “maybe she still follows her mother’s order. As you know she was an over-protected child, and then her so-called husband has always overprotected her.  She always has to follow someone’ rule and regulation. I never like her bubby. Do you like him”?  

The first friend, “yes, I kinda like him. She was entirely a different person when he was in her life. Don’t forget because of him we took a long vacation. She has lost her brightness since he is gone. There is no charm left in her. Have you seen her lately she won’t even change her clothes?  

The second friend concerns, ” I think she has lost her sense of security. He was everything for her. I heard many times him saying, “I am ur everything, and won’t leave you alone ever. He has made those promises in the presence of Almighty”  

The first friend, ” yep, this humankind always makes promises, then break it. First, I thought that she won’t live without him. However, I have little faith that she would survive. As we know her, she always refuses to be a victim. She always ends up being a survivor. She doesn’t like pity or mercy. That is why we are still with her. She doesn’t afraid to speak the truth even she knows it could cost her everything”.  

The second friend, “I agree with you. How we could help her to bring her sense of security or trust back. She doesn’t trust humans anymore but she needs some guidance and some support to pass or live rest of her life. The person should have some goal to live but she has none”  

The first friend, “I think it is too late now to find a help for her. We will be helping her to her graveyard. I feel sorry for her sometimes but I am not allowed to ‘sorry’ because she hates that word. You know how stubborn she is”  

The second friend, “yes, I agree with you. The beautiful human will leave this earth finding the reality. What is a waste of a good soul?  

The first friend, “it bothers me when she doesn’t leave her house. She just sits inside her house, writing or reading. I have not seen her leaving the house even to buy a grocery. She used to be fun”.  

Second friend, “yesterday, she got a message from the wise man that “you stick to your husband only. Don’t disturb me”  

The first friend,” oh really, the wise man is always so mean to her. I think that he is jealous why she loves her bubby so much. That is why we should not leave her for humankind. What did she tell the wise man? I just have a curiosity to know”  

The second friend laughs, “it was interesting. I know she lied. She said, “oh I am sticking to myself only”. Guess what she said later to herself, “good or bad, he is my bubby. I will stick with him in each life”. I know right away she won’t change”  

The first friend, “yep, it was a tragedy. Nobody had taken her seriously. I would have done the same thing what she went through in her life. She trusted him. She loved him. She never cared about anybody the way she did care about him. Remember he was her dream since she knew the meaning of love. He did not only break her love and feelings or trust but also shattered her dream too. He has ended her life. Because of him, she has lost her sense of security”  

The second friend, “I saw her deleting some phone numbers yesterday. It makes me laugh as she will make a call to somebody.”  

 Both friends speak at the same time to each other, “Let us never leave her alone. We will break our protocol for her. How long she will live more.  She is not that bad the people think she is. The only bad habit she has it, “speaking truth’ which is not a good gift in the human world. That is why we always come back to her. She won’t be able to find reality or true love, or anything. Nobody is able to understand her except us. So, I doubt that her sense of security will ever come back. She has become so paranoid too. She always lives in fear to lose something.  Nobody has the patience to handle her anymore. I wish that Abu was alive.  

Do you know the God count each tear which shed from a woman’s tears and make a responsible person to pay? How he will pay because there are only tears and tears which now shed inside of her heart.  

The first friend says, “I wonder this is the reason she doesn’t want to leave him. Did you remember what had happened in the past who hurt her soul? She had forgiven them, and she went forward with her life. God came along with the devil to punish all those people. Now I wonder why she doesn’t want to leave him behind or forgive him. I think she is in a fear the God will return with the devil to punish her bubby.   

Both friends think what will be their punishment breaking the protocol to help a human. Both looks at each other with a victory, “well, we have to convince the angles, God, and devils why have broken the protocol. We will make them responsible for making her life miserable.  

At the end of their conversation, both imaginary friends vow to stay with their human friend until she will live.  

She heard their conversation while standing behind the curtain.  She talks in her mind, “thanks angles for staying with me. Thanks for not abandoning me. I will spend the rest of life talking to you both. I will invite you in my house. You are real friends”.  

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