The Old But Still Fresh

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She still remembers when he came to receive her at the airport first time. He came in civil clothes. He stood very close to the baggage claim area.

It was a long time ago but she still could picture the entire scenario. The entire scene still fresh in her mind. She don’t have to close her eyes to remember it. She could remember each little moment. She remembers what was the design and color of his shirt. She remembers the design and color of his jeans.

He stood in the middle with his head down busy texting her. He was surrounded by airport security. None of PSO or his security was around him. This was only his or her day. He was very possessive to her.

She looked at him, passed in front of him, she smiled to see him busy. He was busy texting her but she was in front of him. The she slowly walked and stood right behind his back. She kept looking at him.

Until now the guards already knew ‘she is the reason he is here’. She wanted to close his eyes with her hands but he had his glasses on.

She slowly tapped on his shoulder. Both of them can recognize each other in the crowd and does matter how far is the distance. They looked at each other and came out of the airport via VIP exit area.

Then both of them were eloped and went to their destination.

She closes her eyes and the entire scene come in front of her as it just happened yesterday. She could completely remember each second of that movement.

She also remembers when he came to visit her in the USA. His flight was landed on time. He had to go through the airport protocol. He was on time but she did not have the patience to wait. She was scared too.

She went to talk to airport security. They checked it and told her, “mam he just done with his security clearance and waiting to claim his baggage. He should be out within 10 minutes.

She looked at the security guard okay, “I will be back in 5 minutes to check”. The security officer said, “no mam, 10 minutes plz”

She came to the arrival area again. He acted openly as in American way. He ran to hug her but she was a little shy to hug and kiss him in the public.

He said,” I am not satisfied the way I hug you”

It does not matter how many times they met afterward and how times we had hugged each other but he Always said, I still miss incomplete hug at O’hara airport. All those memories are one who still keeping her alive.

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