The Imaginary friends but real conversation: Part 2

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After working a long shift, finally, she sits in her car. Before even she pulls the car out of the parking lot. She hears familiar sounds, “Oh dame, are you guys still here”

The front-seat friend, “where else we should be? “

Zia asks, “what do you guys want”

The back-seat friend, “the truth”

Zia replies,” There is no truth and no lies”

The front seat friend, “both of us came to the point that you are becoming racist”.

Zia, “no, I am the same person”

Both friends said at the same time, “who are you kidding with? Nobody knows you better than us”.

Zia asks, “what make you guys think that I am being racist”

The front seat friend, “There is not only one reason. There are many reasons”

Zia, “Explain me”

Back seat friend,” both of us went through your phone, and then your Facebook. Most of your friends are Muslim and few are Sikhs”

Zia laughs, “you cannot judge me on my friend list”.

The back-seat friend, “No, that is not actually the reason. Why you refused to marry an orthopedist surgeon. Don’t you know him almost from 10 years? We like the guy. He is handsome, sincere, and of course a lot of compassion and love for you. Oh, my gosh he is an Indian and he is Hindu Marathi that is why you refused his offer”.

Zia, “It does not tell you that I am a racist. I also have refused to marry Kashmiri Muslim”.

Front seat friend,” Oh really, one of your childhood friends is also the same rank as your so-called husband. But you refused to talk to him. Oh, because he is a top rank cop”.

Zia, “that is it. You guys are dummies. I don’t hate policemen. There is a lot of policemen in my friendship list. So nice try. Give me one solid reason for your negative thoughts. I thought you guys are my best buddies than any human”.

The front seat friend, “Okay, then tell us the truth why you become a puppet and let somebody pull the string. We never have seen you like this”

Zia to both friends, “There is no truth or lies? Yes, I have become a puppet. Love to make you do the things which you guys won’t understand”.

The back-seat friend, “you love him more than yourself. Why you humiliated with the help of his stringer? You know well that there was only greed. Why you don’t understand it was a matter of some benefits. He needs a loving relationship. Who will love him more than you do?

Zia has become irritated, “Both of you guys get out of my car. I don’t love him that is one he and everybody wanted so I did it. He doesn’t need a loving relationship. All he needs a fake pride and salutes. He insulted my love. He let me down everywhere. He insulted my feelings and love. He destroys my life. He abandoned me. He made me beg. He took my life away. I just did what stringer wanted me to do it. That is the end of the story. How you guy know he was not involved in the entire plan. Do not come back. Don’t you guys know this world is full of politics? There is no love. There is always a meaning when somebody tells you that he or she loves you. ”.

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