The imaginary friend but the real conversation: Part 1

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Image credit to Mocah,org

She is busy driving accompanied by her two friends. As usual, one friend sits on the front passenger seat while others sit on the back-passenger right behind her. Suddenly the friend sitting on the back-seat pokes on upper back and ask, “Hey, so what is going on, why are not you talking”.

Zia said, “don’t you see I am driving. No more accident, so I need to pay attention”.

The front seat friend, “since when you start thinking about yourself”

Both friends start laughing loudly. They have laughed until could not laugh anymore.

Zia looks at them, “That is it. You guys have very limited capacity to laugh”

The back-seat friend, “Yes, you are right. You have an unlimited capacity to cry”

Both friends start laughing again.

The all of them become seriously, “Okay, lets us talk seriously. We know one of your friends is very sick but that is not the case. Something else is in the back of your mind”.

Zia replies, “yeah, you guys are right. I have found a way to express my feelings. I have found a way to heal my pain”.

The front seat friend, “Okay we already know it. Now just come to the point”

The back-seat friend, “lets us talk before you decide to dump us somewhere”

Zia yells at them, “will you guys stop disturbing me so I can talk”

Both imaginary friends put the fingers on their lips to indicate her, “okay we are quite now”.

Zia tells the friends, “I have seen his recent picture. I try to see the picture on each angle. He looks different. I won’t see the same confidence in his eyes anymore. He looks little fat to me. ”

The front seat friend, “well he has made his decision. You tried your best but he has chosen his way to grieve but why you continue to hide some truth from him. We thought your blog’s name is reality and reality”.

Zia tells her friends, “of course, I tried to tell him the truth but he was not interested to hear. He told me to go to my own people. I am here with you guys my own people”.

The back-seat friend, “Why you are worried about him? Did he care about you? He left you to die alone and never attempted to see how much you are suffered. What type of man he is, who told you many times not to talk with us? He got what he deserves”

Suddenly both friends said together, “oh my gosh don’t tell us you still love with him”.

Zia yells at them, “No, I don’t love him. neither I have love nor hate for him”.

“So, then what is eating you”, the front seat friend.

Zia replies to both, “Nothing eating me. I have given him what I promised with him many years ago. I also have done what my so-called sister told me to do it”

Zia continues to talk, “I thought he is brilliant but he is not. He could not figure it out the game of politics in the family”.

The front seat friend, “Okay talk in simple language. We are not smart either what are you trying to say”.

Suddenly her facial expression changed. Both friends see the sadness in her eyes. She stopped the car, “Okay you guys do whatever you have to do. It seems very busy here. I need to work hard to save some lives”.

She left toward her work.

Front seat friend,” Should we worry about her”

Back seat friend, “No, she will tell us everything later. Give her some time. She never hides anything from us”.

Front seat friend, “She can’t hide for a long time, which makes her weak and vulnerable. We were supposed to leave when she was only but we could not still leave her. She has not broken her own rules but also ours too”.

Back seat friend, “Yes, you are right. Her vulnerability put her into the place so make her all alone again. Her false belief is the existence of soul love. Why she doesn’t learn the lesson what her soul love had done to her”.

Both imaginary friends make a plan of talking to her next time. Yep, we can’t leave her alone again. Well, we need to stuck with her until she dies. Both friends have given a gesture to each other and start waiting for their human friend to come out of her work.

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