The Good Mentorship

A good mentorship starts with professional guidance which is full of experience and knowledge. The good mentor is who continues to mentor the student throughout their professional life. Talking about perfection with her brother and mentorship with her friend has created a curiosity to write about her mentor how is professional mentorship has helped her twice to succeed in her profession. 

she never wanted to be in a medical field; however,  she was the only one in her in-law family who had an only high school diploma. There was no father or Abu to tell her what to do. she did not even know how to make a cup of tea. she had spent her most of time sitting by a lake alone crying or sailing her letters to Abu otherwise nothing to do all day.

One of her brothers in law told her, “You should go back to school instead of crying”. she thought to give herself try so enrolled in a university. she met many students and a couple of them were working as firefighters or paramedics. After school, she had nothing to do so she had quit temporarily studying and went to community college for paramedics training. After 6 months of training, she started to work part-time as paramedics, and she also had returned to school as a full time.  Afterward, the school had become non-stop and one-way traffic for her.

One day, she drove the ambulance 110miles/hrs to take a cardiac emergency. she signed off the patient to the emergency room doc safely and of course in one piece. Later, she was counseled driving ambulance above the speed limit of 100miles per hrs. Anyway, this was also a great day because she met her mentor the first time. The young attendant emergency and trauma doctor Dr. J Collin, who followed her to the EMS room. The first thing he told her, “you belong to the emergency room. Why you don’t give yourself at least try”.  she said,  “it is not possible because I am already in the middle of pursuing my bachelor degree in the nursing program” she did not have any clue what was the prerequisite of medicine. she thought the student enrolls in the medical school after passing 12th grade. she told him, “okay I will think about it”.

Afterward, her conversation with the mentor always had ended up talking about medical school whenever they had the chance of talking to each other. He had always encouraged her pursuing her career as an emergency room provider.

“The USA is the land of opportunity. You always get what you deserve”. Next thing she remembered graduating from the doctorate and specializing in the emergency room and trauma. It was not an overnight success. she had to sacrifice her vacations, movies, and all type of social and family life. It was a hard and long drive but was not impossible. “All you need self-determination to do something and you need someone to motivate you. The combination of fire and flame always bring a positive result”. 

Later, her mentor had become her preceptor in the emergency room where she had learned more about him. He had given her all his knowledge and skills.  He had guided her throughout the school and training. He held her shivering hand when she attempted to repair the lips of a beautiful teenage girl.  He was a very strict instructor she ever met in her life. He was worse than my karate coach. God did have plenty of time when he decided to create her mentor’s brain. The Man is full of knowledge. The memory of her brain is already full so there is no more space to feed more information.  There were also many days when she hated him. Anyway, respect for the teacher had developed over time.

On her graduation day, he told her the secret why he had encouraged her. He said, “I have seen a passion and compassion on the top of hard work in you. I have seen your patience and seen your tolerance power, those are very important working in the ED”.

After her graduation, she went solo to get experience in a different emergency room but she and her mentor was still working for the same emergency medical group. they have crossed each other’s path only at annual company meetings. He always encouraged her to continue with the good work.
He is a big boss now. He always gets her good progress report through her regional medical director and site medical director. Being in the top of revenue maker was the indication of her hard work. He did not have to rely on her boss. The perfection, credibility, and reliability were also in the record in her professional history. All her crazy mistakes were forgotten and forgiven. Nobody could be able to complete her due to her fire of passion and compassion, and hard work. Neither young docs nor her classmates because she was full of confidence and always wanted to learn something and never afraid to take the risk.

Then suddenly everything went in the opposite direction. she had lost her credibility, reliability, perfection, confidence, and then finally job. Nobody knew what time she would show to work and what time she would just walk out of the work. From top of the list, she was gone to the bottom of the list in just 1-2 months. Her benchmark score was so poor. There was no patience left inside of her. she had become so impulsive.

her mentor looked at the revenue list and saw his favorite student on the bottom of the list. He thought, “Something is not right somewhere”.

He called her multiple times but she never answered the phone and never returned his calls. One day he knocked at her door. she was in the worse shape of her life. He was shocked to see her in such bad shape.

her mentor is an old man now and half of his hair is gone ( hope he won’t read this posting). He is ready to get the retirement soon but he has the same confidence and passion. He still works hard. His brain is full of knowledge. He doesn’t work in the ED a lot but does only management work.

However, the mentor has resumed his responsibility again. He has walked with her in the ED, he has stayed in the ED, has watched over her work.  The mentor has stayed with her again until he saw his student is ready to stand on her feet solo without his help. she starts to regain her confidence. she doesn’t have any more impulsive behavior. it doesn’t come in her mind anymore to leave the work and start driving to an unknown destination. she is surprised to see how sharp his brain is. How much capable of his brain is to perceive and adopt all new information.  The memory of her brain is already full, which have already started to refuse to fill any new information but her mentor is still so sharp. 

Her site director could sleep well without any worries now but he still doesn’t forget to remind her that, “I want you to off my radar soon”. she has not taken any sick time. she has shown up to work even she looked sicker than her patients. So her mentor has gone back to his job by saying,” plz don’t let me down. Call me right away”. 

she has not spoken to her mentor for the past two months. Of course, he is reading her through the company’s revenue report and her benchmark score where his favorite student starts to climb back to the top position.

she has spoken to her non-biological brother. she told him,  ” All I need everybody bless me so I will get my passion, creditability and perfection, and reliability back”. Yes, she feels that there is still a room need to improve. she is not there yet where she was 10 months ago. she starts working hard to get old of her but she knows it is not impossible.

she does know that somewhere Almighty still looking at her who has sent her mentor back to bring her professional life back. she knows that some good people continue to pray for her even she had shown bad and rebellion behavior.

In addition to her old mentor, she also has a new mentor. He also sees some potential in her. But too early to predict if he will able to make a good Sufi out of this rebellion.

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