Did a blast happen before or on the time?

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Once upon a time, a married man fell in love with another woman. The feelings were the same from both sides. There was a fire, love, and passion. But he also loved the love of his life.

He often told his wife # 2, “I will come to stay with you forever one day but waiting for the right moment”.

Wife # 2, “How number # 1 will stay alone. What is her fault? She has spent the entire life with you, and in the end, you will leave her alone. No, I could live alone. I am used to living alone.

The husband, “But you are a lover of my life. I want to be with you. I cannot see you alone all the time. You deserve love and life”.

The wife # 2, “No, I cannot break somebody’s feelings”

The husband, “No, number # 1 won’t be alone. She will close to kids”.

The wife # 2, “Okay, we will all live in one roof one day when we are old. I cannot leave her alone. She is my family too. She is a part of you so she is also part of me”.

Wife # 2 used to believe in soul love. He was his soul love. The only person she has loved in her life.

However, wife # 2 get scared most of the time, “I am just scared. One day you will be taken away from me. It will become so hard for me to live. I will not able to survive”.

Husband to wife # 2, “Nobody will sperate us. Trust me. I love you mucho”

The husband has learned some Spanish from his wife # 2.

The wife # 2 to her husband, “It is a long time now. You should tell her about our relationship. You cannot love and fire a long time hidden”.

Husband, “No, I will tell when the right time come”.

One day they were talking on the phone, when there is a phone call came from wife # 1. she never jealous with her so she always listened to their conversation too. The husband ad yelled at wife # 1 because the wife was insisted on him to do a favor for somebody due to some work-related.

The wife # 2, “No, this is not right. Why did you yell at her? Apologies from her first otherwise never call me back again”. She hung up the phone.

He called her back to tell he will apology later from # 1. However, wife # 2 told her husband, “do it in front of me. I want to listen to it that you asked for an apology from her. You should not talk to her like this. I don’t like this bubby.

To keep his happy love and wife # 2, the superior man called # 1 and apologized from her while # 2 listened to it.

“Okay, I will talk to you now”, number 2 told her husband.

the second wife was an insane but not thinking with her brain so she told his first wife about everything. She thoughts, “no, she needs to know now”. The bomb went off before the determined time and blast was very powerful.

The way # 1 took the news that her husband also has another wife and she is the love of his life. Wife number 2 felt something strange. It came in her mind, “I wonder why he fell in love with other women? Is this reason he fell in love with her?”

The perfect plan also went off the radar. The second woman had attempted to show her big heart to help wife # 1. But Wife # 1 played a double role. She came with a perfect plan. The wife # 2 was worse than insane who made an attempt being a part of the family and wanted to do good for her family. Now another perfect plan was planned. This plan was so perfect that nobody had a clue what has happened. The husband did not have any clue that wife # 2 had done which she always used to say, “you won’t able to know how I will protect you if needed”.

The aftermath of the story was the wife # 2 lost in her world where is no place for “Love and Feelings”. She has created some self-barricade around her which helps her to keep everybody away from her. The first wife still lives with her husband. The husband continues to act normal.

The wife # 2 looks at him from distance now, “why are you acting so normal? Are you a good actor? You can hide from everybody but you cannot hide it from the woman who lives inside of your brain and heart”.

The wife # 2 lives on the other side of the world but she left her soul behind. She survived but some non-healed wounds are left both on her mind and body. The second wife got her freedom back and she has many friends. Some support her directly and some indirectly.

Sometimes, she thinks the bomb which went off was on time or went off before the time. It does not matter if the timing of the blast was wrong. The matter is the result and outcome of the blast which has reflected the reality and truth.

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