A Man’s Possessiveness

Image result for a shadow of betrayal man

Well, he was very possessive to her. He used to get jealous if she talks about somebody. He doesn’t like when she has posted her pictures on the media.

He did not like If she talked to anybody. He used to say, “you belong to me only”

She recalls the day when she went to attend the wedding and sent him a picture along with her cousin. He cropped her cousin out of the picture. Later he admitted that he did not like anybody having pictures with her except him.

He did mention many times how possessive he is about her. He made many of her friends or almost everyone wiped out of her life.

She used to tell him,” one day I will marry somebody in front of you”

He responded right away, “I will shoot the person if anybody else comes in her life”.

Then love and possessiveness were flown away in just a couple of hrs.

However, she still remembers each of dialects.

He said, “no you are my wife and I am your husband and I don’t want anybody come between us”

Sometimes he just jealous at the dog, which make her smile now.

She was so obedient to him. She never disobeyed him. He made many promises but none of them he could keep it.
She says now, “I am not a thing. I am a human being whose feeling you have shattered”.

This is how a obedient wife is turned to rebellion

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