The Ventilation of Thoughts

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The AZ quotes has said a lot in few lines. It is vital to express your feelings. Everybody ventilates their feelings. Somebody ventilates it through talking with others and somebody write about the feelings. Somebody uses a graphical sign to express themselves. I am agreed with any source of expressing your thoughts but not with the violation. But the person must empty their mind and brain otherwise they end up using the violation way for their expression or may go into a deep depression. Keeping to yourself may cause a lot of damage. It depends on your thought process. Sometimes, it is not easy to express your thoughts. It could be a challenge which require some type of external or internal force to bring it out. It depends on what do you think. It also depends who you should share and what are the circumstances. It does not matter what you think, what are the circumstances, and who you are sharing but important is to let those feelings out.

Expression of your thoughts or feelings will provide you some unique freedom or some unique feelings which are sometimes hard to explain through the words. It would give you some peace. It would provide you a sense of freedom and security. It will control your impulses. However, you should make yourself ready to face any positive and negative critique of your expression. I have created many enemies with my writing. I don’t write or express myself for someone body else. I write everything which my mind and brain think. Sometimes both mind and brain co-ordinate with each other and sometimes they won’t listen to each other or they are not agreed. This is why my writing reflects the variation of expression.

I don’t know what others think but the expression of myself has given myself back to me. I feel free. I can sleep well. I live in the part of the world and work in an environment where open communication is respected and welcomed. I was so quiet in my life which had created many issues for me. Since I have start writing, I have felt a change in myself. I am free now. I love being free. Nobody tells me anymore what to do, what to wear, not to make friends, or who should be my friend, or not to post my pic on media. It was my fundamental right to be a rebellion but expressing my thoughts has given my self-confidence back.

As I said before, I have broken my own rules recently. Now, I feel good breaking those rules. I have felt strange in the beginning when I start to write my feelings but now the game has changed. I have become more fearless. I don’t care what others think. Actually, I have become little careless to worry about what others think.

So be yourself. Express yourself. Allow your thoughts to come out which helps you to heal your soul and mind. But don’t hurt any innocent soul in your life. Write the truth then you will sleep well at night. Expression of thoughts could be dangerous than a WMD but again your choice and decision. Therefore, let your soul speaks out and loudly. Your thoughts could teach somebody something and sometimes you learn yourself from your thoughts.

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