The Judgement Day

The concerned brother worries about his sister’s family, name, reputation, and safety.

The best friend tells her, “you are at your home” when she expressed, “I want to come home”.

She could not tell her brother who was her family and who was her pride, and who should have worried about her safety. She could not make her friend understand, “Where is her home? What is the real home for women?”.

The only one person knows answers to those questions whose soul is dead which is also sold. Can she do anything with the dead and sold soul? Nope, it calls an open and one way to hell.

Why she continues talking about him back and forth? Why she could not just become of them? While she was a child, she often read the stories about the Pathan and khans, in which was mentioned they are the warrior, and they keep their promises does not matter they lose their lives. They are the bravo. Her Abu was a bravo and he kept his promises. Now she looks at her khan, it raises many questions about those stories. Her best friend is an also khan who thinks her soul man is not a real khan or Pathan. At this time, she is in the same boat with a child whose childhood dream and faith are broken due to fake pride and materialism. She feels like a little child who asks herself and others, “Who they should trust the reality or the childhood faith? Why people make mythical stories. Why they won’t teach their children realistic theory?”

Her so-called soul husband was her family. He was her reputation. He was her identity. He was her confidence. She always introduced herself belonging to him even he is gone from her life. Anybody comes forward toward her but she always put the stop sign by giving her identification. Who is she? What were her past and present?

She still carries his name and his mangla-sutra around her neck. She is not fond of it but it reminds her to stay away from the troubles.

She doesn’t feel ashamed loving someone openly. Maybe she lives in the western part of the world. She is not afraid of anybody except God because she is born this way. She has the guts to accept reality. She dares to face the consequences of her actions. She likes to take responsibility for her actions.

He has abandoned her for his reputation. Her love was snatched from her for the fake pride. Where is that fake reputation now? Where is the love? Where are the promises? The man could not keep his words and promises, does he have a right to be calling himself a man?

The legality of benefits gets heavy on the price of soul love. Today again she wakes up with strange thoughts of happiness and energy. However, she will never forgive him. She will take his bewafi to her graveyard. She believes, “He can hide now but not in the day of judgment. We will be face to face in the presence of Almighty”.

She still blames him even someone else has pulled the string. She recently starts to take it this a positive way. She never has a family before but she does now. She has a group of good friends who love and care about her without any fear or any stigma.

Her love was taken away from her but she still feels lucky. She wakes up smiling when two little boys visit her in the dream. She could feel a wiggling tail and some tiny hands on her shoulder which saying, “We love you”. Can someone steal their love from me? Nope, because the real and good soul knows where to go and where they can get the love.

Today was her another good day which is not conflicted with questions or confusion. So far, each day ends up positively and being energetic.

She says proudly on my judgment day “I won’t have to regret in front of Almighty. I will fearlessly be walking in the Valley in next or so a month. Only my culprits or enemies of my love or the killers of my soul have to worried about and hide”.

Her writing and sharing will keep the memories of her love forever and her book which will be published soon might leave some lessons behind for another generation.

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