A Heart Healthy Diet: The DASH

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I am trying to relearn myself while trying to make another understand others how just simply making changing your lifestyle could significantly improve your mental and physical health. Many American health care organizations have endorsed the DASH diet. American Heart Association, US department of health and human services, Mayo clinic, the US Department guidelines for the treatment of high blood pressure has emphasized the use of the DASH diet for the well-being of the health.   

The diet has proven to lower your blood pressure within 14 days if you follow the diet strictly. There is numerous DASH diet sample menu in the market according to your health issues such as for weight loss, lowering your cholesterol, and controlling your depression, and improving your high blood pressure and DM, and of course depression.   

This diet is a combination of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, and chicken but without salt.  

Use non-starchy vegetables and use lean protein, and use snacks healthy such as nuts and seeds.   

Try to eat lots of salad and vegetables.  

Eat hard-boiled eggs.  

Don’t drink artificial juices because there is a lot of sugar added. Make a fresh your juice at home.  

No consumption of alcohol.  

Drink plenty of water. Plain tea or black coffee is a natural diuretic which helps to lower the blood pressure. Most blood pressure medication does have chemically induce diuretic in it so why not use the natural diuretic to lower the blood pressure.  

Food Groups Amount of serving per 1600-3000 calories Amount of serving for 2000 calories 
Grains and grain products (include at least 3 whole grain foods each day) 6-12 7-8 
Fruits 3-6 3-7 
Vegetables 4-6 4-5 
Low Fat and Non-Dairy Fat food 2-4 2-3 
Lean meats, Fish, and Poultry 1.5 -2.5 2 or less 
Nuts, Seeds, and Legumes 3-6 per weeks 4-5 per weeks 
Fats and sweets 2-4 per weeks limited 

                                                      Key Point  

****************** Low Salt or No Salt, No Fried Food*****************  

Of course, we don’t like our food without salt but you can spice it up with adding other herbs. I add extra basil, oregano seeds, and of course green chilies, and black papers.  

Drink one shot of 1 teaspoon of turmeric with one teaspoon of black paper. Turmeric is antiviral and antibacterial which fights against the inflammation. Black paper increase absorption of turmeric. I have just learned from my female Kashmiri friend.  

First 2-3 days are hard to make a change in your diet but then you won’t’ feel it all.  

Keep some almonds or walnuts with your pocket or on your desk in case you get hungry to munch on it but not more than 10 in counts, drink 8 ounces of water after eating your snacks which will make you full and will avoid you to binge on the bad list of food.  

My own success story: I never had a high blood pressure neither family history of high blood pressure. Working in a stressful environment and psychological trauma had raised my blood pressure above 210/120 and of course, I felt so lethargic. Being in a medical profession, I am myself non-compliance with medications. I always blamed my stressful night shift for eating fried and fatty food. I did not have any clue when my daily list of medicine was climbed up to 8. Thanks to the DASH diet that I am a chemical-free now and my blood pressure stays around 112/80. I feel more energetic. I have well-controlled on my depression and impulsive.  so, Goodbye to anti-hypertensive and antidepressant.   

*Please don’t stop taking your blood pressure medicine without consulting your doctor*. 

*Don’t forget to treat yourself once a while because life is so short, enjoy it if you could*.  

                                              Well Power  

                                     Nothing is impossible  

Sources credit: https://dashdiet.org 

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  1. Well done on your achievements, informative too. I am just starting to write about healthy living. If you get a minute please check out my post on basics of healthy living and more to follow. busharabostan.wordpress.com

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