The Patient & The Doctor Conversation

She heard a loud and familiar voice as they moved her from an emergency room stretcher to the observation unit bed. Suddenly, it came from her mouth, “Oh, crap, I have to hear her now. My head is already pounding”. She looks at the transport nurse, “Can I have a restriction order against my doctor? The nurse just gives her beautiful smile and left the room with blessing, “Good luck, I hope you feel better soon”.

Suddenly, a Jap doctor enters into her room, “Oh look who is here. My most non-compliance patient in my entire medical life”.

She could not move her head but gives her doctor a nice grin. The doctor continues with her non-sense talk, “Good to see you alive. Oh, you could still move your limbs. How is life another side of stretcher? “

She asks her slowly, “Are you here to remind me something”. The doctor said, “Last time I heard that I am your still your primary care physician so I have to come to make my round to see if you still alive otherwise I won’t get paid”.

She attempts to smile but her pain was worse, “Don’t feel lucky. I won’t die that easily. I forget to tell you that my insurance carrier will change in the next couple of months and the new insurance company doesn’t cover your services so you won’t be my doctor anymore”.

She saw doctor’s facial expression has changed but she continues talking with her as usual non-sense talk, “Good, I will be transmitting your electronic file to your new PCP with a bold head letter, “Most non-compliance patient”.

Suddenly the doctor becomes serious, “When are you planning to take things seriously”.

She asks calmly, “why am I dying? Is it time to renew my living well?

Doctor’s tone was little changed, ok, I will see you after my office hours”.

As the doctor tries to leave the room, she asks,” Hey, Susan, can you discharge me home? I can take care of myself. I don’t like being here interacting with people”.

The doctor said, “Convince me. Give me one reason why I have to let my most non-compliance patient go home who don’t compliance with her medications, who end up rescheduling her appointment multiple times, and who never like to go for her required ongoing testing”.

Her room was close to the nursing station. Of course, all the staff members and other patients and their families could hear them.

She said, “well, the view from the window is not the quite same as mine. The bed is different. I won’t get my tea here. I cannot watch my favorite show. I don’t like the hospital bathroom. Oh, I can push my steroids through the IV by myself. It will reduce the cost of healthcare and insurance company will save the money. Of course, you won’t get paid.

Before the doctor left her room, “nice try, I will let somebody else go home but not my medically trained non-compliance patient. See you later”.

The doctor talks to the nurse loudly to make sure she could hear her, “Give her high doses of valium, otherwise, she will drive you guys crazy each time asking to go home. Take her phone away”.

The nurse came to give her medicine and she looks at her with sympathy why her doctor was so rude. She dims her lights and asks to call her if she needs anything. The nurse instructs her not to get out of the bed by herself because she is high risk for fall”.

As the nurse left the room, she starts thinking about her doctor. She told herself, “No she is not rude but she cares. Once upon their conversation used to be different. They mostly talked about their spouses, children’s education, innovation in medical science, how the practice changing in both in the private setting and also in the emergency room”.

At evening, she was released from the hospital and she called her housekeeper to give her ride. Her daughter was standing in the driveway. She looked at her, “why you don’t drive yourself”. She pointed to her car which is wrecked during her car accident. She asks her daughter, “Can you give me a cup of tea please, I need to rest. It was a hectic day at work”. She was happy that she was able to convince her daughter that she was at work.

She was sitting on the bed and enjoying her tea and TV. Her daughter was also sitting next to her. Suddenly her son came into her room and pointed to her, “Hey kid, you are scheduled to take Decadron 8 mg at 10 PM, and then 6 mg at 2 am. Do you want me to bring your medicine with milk and toast or juice and toast? Your doctor told me not to give you any caffeine while you are on high doses. I will turn on the alarm”.

She said, “Hey, I am your mother and you are my kid”. Her son smiles with the victory, “Not according to your doctor mom”.

Her daughter looked at her while she looked at her phone to call her doctor to ask why the hell, she needs to tell her entire family.

But she could not pick up the phone because she knows her doctor is a very kind heart woman who just wants best for her patient. The doctor is just trying to shake her. Well, she also tried to shake somebody’s soul but she was failed. No way she will let her doctor fails. She talks to her Kashmiri friend who has advised her to use some home remedies along with the medicine.

She feels alive and better because she has a caring doctor and family.

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