The Experience of Hallucination

The hallucination come in two different forms: Audio and visual. You see and hear what is not there. Hallucinations are different from the paranoid or delusional state of mind. Many factors contribute to hallucination such as the electrolyte imbalance especially sodium ions, substance abuse, withdrawal, and certain medication, etc. The psychological state of your mind also creates hallucination. Whatever in your subconscious mind will come out when you are relaxed. Stress is a major contribution to hallucinations.

Hallucination could be fatal and lethal if they start to command you to do something. So, make sure you discuss your symptoms with your healthcare professional to find out the underlying cause of hallucination. It is curable and controllable which depends on the cause of hallucination.

First time when she experienced a hallucination was in her delirium state, so most of her medications and psychological traumatic injury or PTSD was blamed for the onset of hallucinations. Of course, her hallucination was dangerous because it had left some permanent marks on her physiological status. The delirium state is long gone but she now pays the price of its consequences. Hallucination could be very frightening. It could make you do the things which you don’t want to do it in the real world. Sometimes, you don’t know its consequences right away but later you realize it. However, the damage is already done so what you can do it now, “Nothing”.

Hallucination not only influences you but also your loved ones, family, and friends. It may socially disable you. “Therefore, control the hallucination before it controls your life”. Your caring friends and family will play a vital role. “No, don’t tell your loved one or just being a good human being that heals yourself”. Only people with a good understanding who values you, be the one will come forward to help you out so listen to them carefully.

She had killed her bad time of hallucinations. It was very dangerous. She had become a loner fighter to fight with those demons but she has succeeded to take those bad hallucinations out of her mind. However, she still experiences some good hallucination time to time which helps her to live. Those hallucinations give her a dream to live one more day. It brings brightness in her eyes. But she also shares with some confident person to make sure the hallucination won’t lead her to the wrong side.

She could sense him. She could feel him. She could see him. She could talk to him. She could see him with her open or closed eyes. She doesn’t feel apart from him. He still lives with her. No, it won’t make her delusional. It is her feelings and love for him which live in her subconscious mind which come out her mind when she is in a relaxed state. She also reprimands him for abandoning her. It is her soul connection to him that is why she could sense his dark clouds while sitting away many thousand miles. Hmm, does he become her imaginary friend too?

She recently saw him. She reprimanded him for abandoning her. She asked many questions from him. She has made him sit under the picture of her Babaji and Allah. She questioned him in the shadow of almighty, “why, why you failed to protect your love. Why you let other people humiliate your love? Why you could not find the real culprit?” then she looks at him, “Oh my gosh, you are a powerless person just like me like a puppet. You are confused worse than me. Leave me alone. Don’t come back here. You are a dame looser and you have made me a dame looser. Leave don’t come back to me again. I don’t need you anymore”.

She knows that he will come back through her soul again. He will sit in front of her being a culprit or a guilty person. She will curse him again. She will ask millions of questions from him which he won’t have an answer. But at the end, she will hug him and kiss his forehead, apply lotion to his hands and feet but also advise him, “do not come back again bubby. Just be safe. Just be happy. I could still feel you. I am strong enough to live alone”.

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