Did She Wake Up Wrong Side of Bed?


She got a strange dream last night but woke up with some significant changes in her mind. She is not sure whether the changes are temporary or permanent. However, she wishes to have those changes permanently.

In her dream, she sees herself dead lying in the coffin. Her hair is mushy. Her face appears very calm. There is no makeup on her face. It appears she just sleeping soundly. She is sitting on the head side of the coffin and looking at her own dead body. She is laying in the coffin in her casual dress. She turns her head around and sees many familiar faces.

Why I am in a casual dress? I told him many times what is my favorite color? Why I am not dressed in the red or royal blue color? Where is my headpiece? Where are my bangles? Why nobody applies lipsticks on my lips? I am in the coffin. Are they planning to cremate? Are they planning to do my burial? In the crowd, she tries to find her children but both of them are not there. She tries to find her soul husband but he is not also there.

Suddenly her alarm went off. She woke from her dream. She woke up with a strange feeling and some strange energy. She has felt some change in her mind. She gets out of her bed and starts dressing but she has chosen her clothes which she had given up since he was gone from her life. She thinks about him while holding her clothes in her hands. She felt a strange feeling for him. Her feelings are so cold for him. Neither she feels love nor hates for him. There is something strange in her mind. She feels energetic. She feels on the same spot before she had met him. Her mind is calm. She feels well-rested.

Well, did she wake up on the wrong side of the bed? She has shared her dream with her best friend who said, “That is a good sign. You will live longer”.

She told her brother indirectly about her strange feelings who supported her, “Altaf is unlucky to have ditched you. Consider him to be the most unlucky person and yourself lucky”.

She likes this new but old version of her feeling and change in herself but she afraid how long those feelings would stay with her. She is afraid her soul will start searching for him again. Her relationship with him does not belong to this birth only. They share the destination. She doesn’t want him to cross her path again but nobody could change the destiny which is already mapped by Almighty. The destiny was the one who once brought East and West together with the desire of Almighty.

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