The List of Her Unique Names & Titles

She is the luckiest woman who has received many titles and names. She is proud of it. She doesn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed. She thinks that somebody should have the guts to accept reality. She was thankful to her friends, family, enemies, and also her soul husband who has given her strength. She was born in the countryside and she likes to live in the countryside. She loves nature. She has only a few weaknesses which include her thieves and nature. She fears of god only despite she has a long list of her fears. Today, she decides to share her names and titles with everybody which she acquired so far.

When she was a little kid, she was given the name of “Little Mean girl” because of her fighting habit with other kids. Abu used to call her, “cry baby” because of the crying habit for little tiny things. Her father always called her, “my tiger Munna”. Her uncle most of the time called her, “Toomba”. She was also given the name of “Rebellion” immediately after the death of her Abu. However, she has given herself a name, “Tornado” who brings destruction only which was not acceptable by her soul husband. He used to yell at her whenever she called herself,” Tornado”. However, being growing up she was a Munna which means a baby. She was also called, Laraki Kuri” means a fighter girl because of her ability to grab somebody from the collar if she has seen something went wrong. She was an antibully so she did have a capacity to put herself into somebody’s else fight. In her school year she was also called by her classmates and including one of her teachers, “Dimond Koka Kuri” because of diamond nose pin.

Munna was lost in the turmoil of tornadoes she went through in her life. Then she was suddenly given a name of “Survivor and a role model” when she fought back for domestic violence and had succeeded in her both personal and professional life. Her real name and date of birth were also lost in the battlefield of her life, so her co-workers had called, “A beautiful Indian woman with a short hair” of course, she liked it. Once her identification was, “A woman with a short hair and cargo pant with one sleeve of the leg is above the shin”. Those were her favorite name.

Munna was reborn when her bubby came back in her life again. Her daughter never called her mother, but she always calls her, “My Lady”. Her daughter has also fed her number in the phone as a “Birth Giver”. She never heard her calling her “mom”. Her son always calls her, “Mom” but sometimes he doesn’t hesitate to call her by her first name. He doesn’t forget to remind her that he calls her by name because they are grown up together. She wonders if her doggy boy has his unique name for her. Later on, she was also become, “My Lady” for her man. In 2012 and 2014, she had defeated the death once to the bone suppression and then to the deadly car accident, she was given a name of, “Trooper and fighter” by a catholic father. However, she continues calling herself, “The Tornado”. She doesn’t hesitate to tell others, “stay away from me”.

Her man used to salute her due to her actions and success in the past.

Then Darkness came in her life. Her soul husband had called her, “homewrecker” when she refused to lie to save his ass. Her soul husband always claimed nobody knows her better than him which she doubts now. How he did not know she won’t able to hide lies for long times. She cannot sleep until she tells the truth which she doesn’t care about the consequences. So, My Lady or My woman’s title was changed to a “Homewrecker” within seconds. God knows better who is a real home wrecker. “The Salute” is a faraway thing but now he runs like she has worn a human bomb vest or something.

Oh my gosh, later there was a long line for her name titles such as “An arrogant woman, full of a pride woman”. Somebody had called both her and her man, “Fraud” which she did not get it how she fraudulent that person’s life. Her so-called sister once called her, “Gentle lady”. But later she did not hesitate to break the neck and heart of that gentle lady. Her life is open on the blog and twitters how she could fraud somebody. Oh, sorry she told that person, “being a radicalized” so he has given her this unique title. Somebody told her, “Hero and Bravo”.

Many people humiliated her and abused her their unique way but she is not the one who could tolerate being bullies, so she admits cursing them with all, “F and S” words which did not matter how high was their rank. Anyway, everybody had made their judgment by using the capacity of their brain or thinking which she respects it. Everybody has given her name as they thought about her. She is not sure how many another she was given behind her back. She was also called a stupid, insane, crazy, and madwoman. She was also called “disgraced for the family” by her family for loving a Muslim man.

Somebody also called her, “poor soul”. No, she is not agreed with this. She is a rich soul who could easily donate and sacrifice.

The funniest name was given by her best friend which still make her laugh. She could not stop laughing for a while when he called her, “the saint”. First, she thought that he is making fun of her. So, he defines, “the saint”. The only saint can tolerate everything. So, God has given all the trouble to her because God knows she can stretch and handle it. Wow, okay she could be a Mean Little Girl, Fraud, Insane, Mad, or Crazy woman, My Lady, Tornado, stupid, hero, fighter, trooper, and survivor but no way she is not agreed on being, the Saint”.

Well, she is in the top list of winning all those unique titles.

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