About The Imaginary Friends


Some children have an imaginary friend which disappears by the age of five. How many of them continue to have an imaginary friend beyond their childhood age? She has two imaginary friends who continue to live with her intermittently since she was a child. She was grown up, but her imaginary friends were never grown up beyond a certain age. She has not only one but has two of them.

They never leave her alone. Once they left her when he was in her life because most of her time was occupied with him. However, they always show up on her door when she is all alone. She could only sense or feel their presence but she never has seen them. Most of the time, one of them sit on the front passenger seat while others like to sit just behind the driver passenger seat. I talk to them. They accompany her everywhere which make her wonder why she has a strength to live alone without talking to any real human.

Her imaginary friends always disappear when they see her around another human being. She has never given them a name. They are the true buddies of her who always stand with her during her hardship. They make her smile. They make her cry. They make her feel good. They are not real but they are just imaginary. She wonders is this the reason she still lives in a good shape without interacting with any human. Her friends never hurt her or betray her. They never leave her alone. They come right away to replace her “bad gone friends”. She wonders why a human hurt another human. She cannot sense or feel if any animal or bird or any another species have hurt each other. Or they are more genius than the human not to hurt their kind. She wishes to be a bird in her next life who could fly where ever she would like to. Then she scares right away if the birds and animals also divided into the religions, politics, and or they also hurt each other. She asks her imaginary friends, “Have you seen animal or birds abandoned their loved ones”. No, Imaginary friends reply her immediately, “Only human type this kind of act”.

She wonders if the animals or birds are greater and better than the human race. She has seen very rare the other species attack each other. “They are more loyal and they won’t back stab you”, one of her imaginary friends told her.

Other imaginary friend doesn’t hesitate to remind her, “see, you had not spoken to us when he was around you. Who is better one, “Us or him”? We used to laugh when we heard your conversation with him. All humans are lunatic and dishonest who love talking only. We are the one who has kept you alive. We are a real friend. He was an imaginary friend not us”. She wonders now that her imaginary friends are right and they are the loyal one. She thinks, “Oh my god, why I have left my good and caring friends alone”.

She has grown up but why her special friends are not grown up beyond a certain age. She knows now why they refuse to grow up with her. Why they always come when she is alone? Her imaginary friends always show her a good part of her life. They take her to the wonderful and happiest part of her life where nobody cries. In her imaginary world with imaginary friends, nobody back stabs each other. Nobody abandoned anybody. They live happily and peacefully. They have harmony and a balance.

Having an imaginary friend provides her sense of security and love. She asks him quietly, “don’t you used to hate him. See now who ends up standing by me”. She is proud of her imaginary friends.

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