A Unique and Hidden Message to The Dead Soul

Remember: Sonmarg, Sonmarg, Sonmarg

Yes, it is back now with a full force.

She is not worried about herself anymore, but she is worried about you.

She regrets if situation continue to worse that she won’t able to protect you as she was managed to do it in the past.

She is not worried about her culprit, but she is worried about her soul connected love.

She won’t able to fly anymore because she won’t be able to move at all.

She won’t able to cross the borders anymore to protect you because enemies don’t live another side of the border.

She won’t able to unwrap the dark clouds anymore which slowly but continue to spread over your head.

She won’t be able to fight back because you have killed her completely so now you are yourself only.

Remember: Pulsating, Pulsating, Pulsating.

She won’t be able to wipe your tears because she will be motionless.

She won’t able to get more humiliated for you anymore because she has killed a demon who lived inside of her.

She won’t able to beg for you anymore because you live among the poor people who are the beggar themselves.

She knows who had done what, but it is your turn now to find out who is a real killer or devil.

She won’t be able to stop the ticking clock anymore so your responsibility to stop the clock.

She won’t tell you anymore how much she has loved you, but it will be your turn to figure out how much she has loved you.

She won’t able to ask from you that “why you have become a culprit of your own love” but you will tell yourself every day before you go to sleep and of course she will be able to hear it.

Remember: Throbbing, Throbbing, Throbbing.

She could not find a single person on this earth who could convey her message to you so usual she has sent you a hidden message.

She won’t able to tell you again and again who is her real killer but she always blames you for killing her soul because you was failed to protect her.

She won’t able to tell you anymore how much she had suffered without you but you have to figure it by yourself now.

She won’t able to beg from you to love her or see her again or talk to her again because she has lost her all desires or she does not need it where she is heading.

But she won’t forget to beg from God, so Almighty would allow her to you endlessly. Guess, nobody power, devil or threat able to stop her anymore to see her loving man.

She doesn’t need anything else from you because you have already given her everything but now his turn to find her real killer.

Don’t do anything as similar in the past but continue to stay silent as usual. Even you find the real devil but don’t speak up but just seal your lips tightly.

Don’t cry when She is gone. Don’t cry when you find the reality because She promises to wait for you in the next life, she promises to cry together.

Remember: She said many times that you won’t be able to realized what she would to do to protect her love.

Look around when you walk. Listen to your own guts. Be as brilliant as you were before.

You have not done anything wrong so don’t let others dominate you.

Remember: Love happen at any age. It won’t see any richer or poorer, no borders, no caste, no religion. It just happen. So don’t feel guilty.

Keep your head up because you have met someone in your life which nobody else could do it.

Proud yourself. Do not feel embarrassed. Just make yourself strong so next time you could take a stand to protect your love.

She is not stupid but she acts like a stupid so she knows well that there is only one bubby and one munna.

She knows everything has taken away from you so she has made all the arrangements that you able to preserve some memories.

She doesn’t keep anymore hope from you because you had given everything to her which include both love and hate, life and death.

She won’t have any more expectations from you because she knows how poor are you.

Put yourself together. Be brave. She knows that you are a brilliant person and will find out the hidden message.

But trust her last time. Just be quiet. Stay silent. Act as normal. Don’t get panic when you find the truth. The truth you have to live with the rest of your life.

The truth which will be your punishment. The truth will make your soul cry. But you have to live with the truth because this is your punishment for abandoning your love and your soul wife.

The truth you won’t be able to tell someone and you won’t able to share with anybody because nobody will trust you anymore.

Yes, the same truth will jeopardize your life. The same truth is also a dark cloud which continues to wrap you, she won’t be able to deal with this anymore, so do it your self.

You had disappointed her but don’t disappoint her more after she will be gone to visit the boys.

The disappointment and truth, the humiliation and the real devil, will be your punishment for abandoning her.

You won’t able to see her anymore. You won’t able to cry on her grave. Neither she nor her grave will be waiting for you.

Remember her killer and the real devil will be the killer again. Devil and angel never changed. Only humans are the one who changes. The devil pulls the string and human just become the puppet. Her perfect devil has start to take the snake head out again.

The puppet knows how to act well so puppet did good acting to save the lives and now your turn to find the devil.

Be a man as she always wished.

Be a Pathan as she always wanted

Be a warrior as she always needed

Be honest as she always expected

Be a real as she always wished

Be a true Muslim, Be a patriotic

Be Indian, Be a hero

Respect the elderly and women

Help the innocent and helpless people

Promise to yourself no more corruption no more greed.

No more gallantry award for killing innocents.

Of course, she trusts you, and she trusts you will take the legacy forward.

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