The Devils, Killers, and The Saint

The devils, killers, Satan, and also the Saints lives among us. We share our environment among them. Does It has written on their forehead, “Hey, I am a killer, Devil or A saint”? No, their action tells us who is the saint, killers, or devil. Who should be punished? The killer who pull the trigger to kill somebody or the real killer who makes somebody to pull the trigger? Who is an actual sinner? The person who does the sin or the person who make them do the sins, or the person who hide the sins of the sinners?

Mistakenly, sometimes real sinners get freed because they are good to receive all empathy and sympathy. They are prefect to hide their real face. They are a very good actor. So, don’t get surprised when somebody else pays the price, get the punishment, and somebody else gets the humiliation. But real sinner or devil walks free. How many times, we see our legal system failed to provide the punishment to the real killers. How many times we have heard our legal system has punished a innocent instead of the real killers. So please won’t get surprised if it could also happen in the court of God but later, he provides justice too.

There are perfect devils, killers, and Satan who incriminate a perfect crime but nobody has ideas about them. That is why they are called the perfect because their perfection is so perfect that nobody suspicious about them. Sometimes, they blend with the saints. The poor saints have to prove themselves at each step of their lives. Their action of kindness also looks suspicious to everyone. “Okay Saints, don’t be discouraged because the reality always come forward. It could be hidden for a while but not longer, so continue with your good and god-given work”.

This is darkness era. Everything is possible in the dark era. Humanity has completely covered with the darkness of impurity, selfishness, and greed. Are we waiting for the direct message of Almighty to tell us, “Oh, you are going through the darkness era”? I doubt he will send any other messenger to convey his message. The young generation won’t agree with this darkness era because they have not seen the humanity and selfless or purity of the human soul. All they have seen is technology and technology.

Back to my perfect devil, the devil is very perfect and he or she did pull the triggers very perfectly that nobody could raise the finger toward my perfect devil. My devil has succeeded in whatever she or he wanted. But my perfect devil could not win the entire game. The devil has won only one side of the game. This is why my perfect devil come out once a while to check on her or his game to see the perfection of her action. However, my devil is so weak and afraid to ask why only one side of the game is still not her or his winning zone. My perfect devil is also very smart to know that one side of the game never will be in the devil’s zone. The reason is very clear why my perfect devil won’t have both sides of the game. The saint controls another side of the game who is blessed by the Almighty. Therefore, my perfect devil will always sleep restlessly and always burn with the sins until another side of the game is not in his or her court. Even in the darkness era, Almighty is powerful and he won’t let my devil win the entire game. This is my firm belief on Almighty that he will control all devils on this earth one day and will bring the reality back to the world. I have left my side of the game in the court of Almighty. Let’s see if my perfect devil has enough power to win the entire game, which is called, “Desire of the God”.

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