The End of The Reality Show

She is busy watching very interesting movie. She is not sure if it is about the family politics or sacrifice of love. One woman tells the other woman that show me the power of your love. Can you sacrifice your love to save him? Do you want to see him committing suicide? Or do you want to see in the prison?

Second woman look terrible. She shivers in a terror. She have not eaten a solid food from past several days. She is in her worse devastated shape. She look into her past. She get scared that anybody came in her life, had gone. She was born with a bad karma. She thinks herself,” Is he going to suffer because of my bad luck”.

Second woman tell the first woman, “no, he love me. He will feel guilty and he won’t leave me. He will follow me everywhere. He cannot sleep without talking to me. He will continue calling me until I won’t pick up the phone. He know how much I love him”.

The first woman,” is this your love? You are selfish woman. People give their life to protect their love. I don’t not want you to die otherwise he will make me responsible. I want you to do something so he can hate you. Your scarification will give him a freedom and a life. I do have enough proofs against him”.

The second woman could not figure out what she should do so he could hate her. She love him. But his life and respect is more important than my feelings and love. Second woman is in critical shape of her mental status. Her judgment and thought process is totally impaired.

The second woman ask the first woman, “what I should do?”

The first woman, “grab a copy and pencil. You are going to write a letter”

The second woman,”whom I will write and why I should write? What I will write”.

The first woman,”I will instruct you. I will give you a detail”.

Then the first woman start giving the detail and second woman start to write. She doesn’t know what she wrote.

The second woman read the letter after writing it. No, I cannot write it. It will make him to loose his job”.

The first woman become so manipulative, and tells the second woman,” no, only he get fire if this letter go to the home ministery. Give to his boss who is also a corrupt so he won’t say anything to him. But his boss will inform him about the complaint. He automatically start hating you.

Second woman, “but who is his boss. How I will reach him”.

First woman, ” He is one of your own. Go to your own people so they can help you”.

First woman acts smart and manipulative way. Second woman acts totally as a insane.

The second woman start to look for her own people. First it won’t come in her brain who is my own people.

The second woman get confused. But one day one of her own people contacts her. He is her non-biological brother. She doesn’t tell him anything but she ask to reach someone very own people.

The second woman want to protect him, which doesn’t matter how much it would cost her. She want to protect him from his very own people and also from his enemies.

The second woman now get more confused who is his really enemy. But her goal is only one to make him to hate her. She was coached well so she got successful in her mission.

He hates her. First woman is so happy. She has played her role very well. The second woman has done her part well.

The God knows if the end of show is happy or worse.

Of course, someone should have curiosity where some info second woman has received unless she was told by some specific people.

The snake doesn’t live only in the forest but they also shares the space with human.

The cleverness is not only the quality of foxes but some human are more cleaver than those foxes.

The person who easily cry or trust some one easily, is not crazy or insane. Look inside of them, they could be just a fakeer who know how to scarify.

She get up from the sofa and turn off the TV. But she could not stop herself to saying” what a shitty family drama. Thank God, I don’t have a family”.

As the curtain of fog start to clear off from her brain, she remembers who piloted the entire drama and who had played which role.

It does not matter now who and why this reality show was started but she is one who end this show today.

“Good to have a honest enemy than having fake friends”

God bless everyone!!!!

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