The End of Sara’s Reality Show

The last postings of my personal life has ended today. Yes, I am a stubborn. I do not listen but also follow those people who talk with me nicely which is my weakness. I do not have a ability to recognize who is friend or foe.

The story was once started from both side of the world at the same time. I have made him to end his side of story long time ago. My turn came now when my best friend from the Valley has advised me to end for my own sake. My friend is fear of my safety.

So far I have listened to the people who back stabbed me but today I have listened to her best friend.

This blog will not publish any personal stories of Sara’s life. From now, this blog will be used for educational purposes only.

My dear best buddy, I am not scared. I am fearless woman who has nothing to loose. I respect your advice so I have decided not to write about my personal life anymore. My soul live in the Valley and will remain in the Valley because that is my birth right. I am glad that you are being very supportive and non-judgmental. I doubt anybody will dare to look toward me because of you. Sorry, I have not listened to you earlier. But it was an important to show the reality of family politics.

I am proud being American because real civilized people lives here. American knows the language of justice. They know how to protect their own citizens.

Request to all my secret friends who could not openly come forward due to the fear. Be brave. Your little courage could make a big different in someone’s life. The fear just creates more confusion which leads to more errors. The fear creates injustice and insecurity.

At end of this reality show, I have lost the love of my life but I have gained many good friends. I have a family now that is very important for me.

Thanks to Everyone. Nothing personal anymore just end of family drama and politics.

Talk to you guys soon on different topics such as healthcare, social, and some other good topic.


Sara Altaf Khan

2 thoughts on “The End of Sara’s Reality Show

  1. I can understand your reluctance to publish personal posts. It is unfortunately a fact of life that when you bear your soul and release your inner feelings and turmoils, sometimes snakes will come out of the grass to feast on your open heart. However I am looking forward to your new educative posts.

    All the best,

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