About The Modern Wife


A man at a high-level job come home after meeting his superiors and some political leaders, and of course some ordinary people. As he arrived home, before even he gets relaxed, his wife starts screaming and yelling at him. The voice is sharp and loud which reach each corner of the house. She threats him to expose him. She gives him only one choice. She threats him to kill herself and report all his hidden crimes of corruption, and make him guilty in front of parents. She uses a big weapon of children to convince her husband not to contact his soul love. Of course, she took all his phone, emails access everything away.

What poor man has a choice than becoming silent? Therefore, he chose to get the title of being culprit and coward because he knows well that his soul wife could become weak or suffer a lot, or will live in hell for a while but else she could do. Even she dies with her risky behavior who would know. It won’t affect his life.

But the wife #1 continues to play her games. She talks so sweet to the soul wife. She refers to her as a sister. She also plays a game with her. She makes each attempt so they could hate each other. The wife tells the soul wife, “see he is not contacting you with his own choice. I even told him he could get married to you. You should make a promise with a gentle lady and you should keep your promise. He is a player and also has a relationship with another woman at Srinagar. I am giving him a divorce and taking my kids away. He doesn’t know about this yet but I share with you because you are my sister. I feel sorry for you because he has cheated you and me both” (this is the combination of two different calls). Somebody also on the other line listening all conversation. The soul wife said, “No, I don’t believe it. He cannot do it. I know my bubby cannot do it. Please don’t give him the divorce. He will be shattered. I just want to stay in contact with him. I am okay with emailing him only”. The soul wife begs her sister. “I am not used to talk with anybody except him. I can share my feelings with him through my email only. I don’t care if he responds or not. I don’t care if I ever meet his rest of life. I am okay with email contact only”.

Sometimes, the conversation becomes interesting. One woman is desperate to talk with her soul love. She is ready to do a compromise. The other woman is selfish who thinks only about herself. She is worried about her social status. She wants to take only but not want to give.

Looking at the soul wife, somebody could tell from a long distance that she is in a shocking state. While another come to visit her like going to walk on the red carpet.

The soul wife often uses to send her sister message that “Please take care of him, don’t leave him alone, he needs you”.

Often, she gets surprised when wife # 1 said, “I have some important things to do right now”. “

Di, what could be important things than him” soul wife said.

The soul wife ready to leave 21 patients waiting in the lobby and nine patients inside the ED to get early morning flight to another side of the world. She calls her boss 0200 in the morning to send a replacement.

Boss said, “Where I will find the replacement at 0200. Everybody lives at least 1 hours away from the facility”.

The soul wife, “Okay, I am leaving then. The brain could handle himself”

Boss, “You cannot abandon your patients. You have sworn and taken the oath. You will lose both your job and license”.

Wife # 2 tells her boss, “Right now, my love is more important. I really don’t know how he is. I don’t know if his blood pressure has gone skyrocket or he just being him. I am sorry. ”.

Okay, wait. I am on my way. Of course, the medical director came to cover her remaining shift. The boss knows how much she loves her soul husband.

She could be quiet but everybody should know the reality that all those kinds of stuff are not her imagination. It has happened in reality. Why she starts expressing herself. She says, “There is only one Sara. I will become to know right away when he will through me away from his life. Sorry, I have given you what you and your family want me to do it”.

Does he hate her even she brought him on the media? If he said, NO, He will be the biggest liar on this earth. Who has made him a coward? There is more to tell who advises her to write a complain letter and what to write in it? It will be as someone dropping a bomb directly on his head.

The wife often called the soul wife to say something which will actually make her depression worse and increase her feelings of harming herself. Often, she could hear his voice from the distance when the wife #1 makes the call to her or sometimes do the video calls. Of course, wife # 2 who is very emotional and is deeply in love with his soul husband, just cry looking at him. Those tears were the tears of happiness because she could see his soul husband. Most calls come when the soul wife is at work. Her staff notices her tear flowing and her voice stuck when the phone call comes. Of cause, the calls were not from her hubby bubby. His call mostly brings brightness and smiles on her face and her eyes usually become shiny.

The staff could resist it so they notify her boss. Her tears flow down her cheeks and she hugs him and cries loudly. She needs both cry and hug. Suddenly his mentor knocks at the door of the office. Looking at her devastating condition, he advises her, “don’t you think it is the same situation to fight back and give them back what they deserve”. The soul wife, “But he is my soul love and husband I cannot think my life without him. It is hard for me to breath without him”

The old man once pulled her from the paramedic job to the ED and trauma room provider by just saying, “I think you belong this side of the stretcher” The same now very old man, “Don’t think I am filtering with you. You are the most beautiful woman. However, your beautiful and innocent heart always dominate your physical beauty. So, he doesn’t deserve you”.

The wife #1 has stopped calling the soul wife # 2 when somebody did interfere. However, the man is continuing in trouble. However, he has made his own choices even he knows who really love him. As she mentions in her previous article that he is a brilliant man.

This was a game of home politics which has destroyed the true feeling and soul love and of course a woman. You can cage the person but not his or her feelings.

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