About The Soul Mate


What is the real meaning of soul mate? Everybody has its own definition or meaning. She always knows her soul mate lives across the ocean and mountains in the beautiful valley. Two people fell in love when they see each other or meet each other but they still get a chance to know each other. They can back up from their feelings if their options and choices have not met with each other. Some still take their risk so that is why somebody has called “love is blind”. How about when you fell in love without looking at him or her. In soul love, there is no need to be meet each other. That is not called the soul love when you fell in love with somebody at looking at his or her face. Her soul has always told her that somebody is waiting for her. She always felt something pulling her toward the valley. She always felt somebody waiting for her. It was his soul which was pulling her soul toward the valley. She often became restless and sad. She always felt an urge going back to the Valley.

The restlessness was gone when they have met each other. He could lie now but many times he admitted the same thing. She has felt a wave of peace within herself after connecting with him. Both have felt the same way. Yes, you meet your soul mate only once. Soul love is not related to only your current life. It exceeds beyond the limitation of before and afterlife. Both your mind and brain will tell you that you have met your soul mate. You feel complete and satisfied after meeting the other end of the soul. She felt the same way when she has met her soul mate. Is it not necessary for having a happy end if two soul mates meet each other? No, the soul love will not lead you to a happy ending. However, the soul love will not die either. It will lead you the amount of satisfaction and affection. It will lead you to where you start feeling no more restlessness and sadness. She still feels her connection to him even he is far gone.

Yes, her life has gone upside down since his betrayal. She doesn’t but other people could easily feel somebody still live inside of her. Even a stranger could feel that she is in still love with him. Her soul still feels the connection to him. She still has the ability to feel when he is in trouble. He always used to say, “Munna, how bloody you feel this”. She is not ready to take any another step. She often forces herself talking to another person. She just talks with everybody through her words but an exception of one person. She is also agreed with others that he lives in his mind and soul. Her soul love is taken away from her and she only blames him. She has forgiven everybody else but not him. She laughs and says, “Bubby, I will take revenge from you in our next life for brutally killing my soul”,

It hurt her feeling when she knows someone else also suffers like her. She looks at the Babaji picture and asks, “Babaji, please help them. Don’t let them suffer like me”. Not many people could tolerate her attitude, so they leave her quickly. Some leave her only because a coward person’s soul still lives inside of her. She doesn’t mind it but she always, “Unfortunately he is my love, and will go with me in my graveyard”. A wise person had said, “A woman will never forget her first love. She can hide her feeling but cannot forget”. She is agreed with the wise man’s statement. However, she has refused to hide it. She is opened about her love life publicly because not to insult him but to tell everybody with pride that she has met her soul love which does not matter not having a happy end. She has suffered as hell but learned how to live without him. She still could still remember each movement which she has spent with him. She says,” Often all those moments and conversation relay in her mind and brain when she is relaxed.

Her innocent daughter who lost her father twice says, “Mum, you are not living the life. You are just passing the time so I can grow up enough to take care of myself”. She is agreed with her daughter’s statement. She still spends all her day writing and reading on the blog. She is a completely changed person now. The change which is noticed by others and of course herself too. She admits that sometimes his memories get heavy on her but she just becomes mum then. Often, she looks at the picture of her almighty. She doesn’t ask anything from her almighty. She just gives him a blank look with blank emotions and an empty heart, as she asks, “Why God, I really love him but he abandoned me”. Of course, God never speaks directly so often she answers herself, “My bubby is a weak person. Maybe I will meet him in the next life. This life is almost gone. First, waiting for him and remaining will pass cursing him”.

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