About Her Father’s Principles


                In one sunny morning, a father has returned home from Russia. He looks at her little daughter. He hugs her so tightly. He bought her favorite doll and fur hate for her from Russia. She is so happy, and there is endless happiness in her mind. In the evening, the father talks to his daughter. He advises his little girl, “Be honest, never lie, always speak a truth does not matter what it could cost you.  Work hard. I can give you a guarantee that you will never regret in your life. You might suffer for a while but in the end, you will be the winner”. The girl says innocently, “Dad, Dad, I will be always doing things like you”. Is she really know that time what was the real meaning of those teaching? Does she really know how much it would cost her in the future?  

The mother listens to the conversation between father and daughter but have not said a single word. After the initial conversation whenever the father visits his daughter, he always encourages his daughter to follow those rules. The mother continues to ignore for a while but one day she could not stop herself to interfere in this decent discussion. The mother is not happy with this ideal principles of life. She talks to her husband, “Is it necessary putting all your principle in your daughter’s little mind. She needs to learn how to live or face the reality. She could break one day with your teachings”. But the father smiles and tells his wife, “Yes, I know she could break badly but she will be able to sleep well at the end of the day. She will be able to face herself in the mirror”. The little girl has heard the conversation between her parents. The girl shouts in happiness, “Dad, Dad, I will always do things as you do”. Yes, she did and continue to follow her father’s teaching.   

Today, the little girl is a grown-up woman of two grown-up children. She often remembers her parents’ conversation. Why she has a doubt now? Why it comes often in her mind that her mother was right and her father may be wrong? Does humanity end here? Does this is an era of darkness where no value of her father’s teaching? Did she suffer speaking the truth? Did she go through the hell because she could not lie as he asked her to do it? Does she is the real winner here as her father used to tell her? Why she has not taught all of her father’s teaching to her own kids? Why does her own children think a different way than her?   

She still remembers the specific day when an army brigadier had stopped her to tell how honest and great her father is. The brigadier also told her when you praise somebody on their back that means something. He also said that he learned from her father, “Never talk about the person if he or she is not present unless you praise them”. Her father just used to walk out if the group had started to gossip against somebody.   

We often listen to our children’s praise and make us so proud of them. But this praise was another way around which she never forgets to remind her children. She feels strange happiness and a unique sense of proudness when she talks about her conversation with the brigadier who saluted her father being an honest and hard worker man. Her father died when she was so young but she never heard anything which could question marks his honesty.   Her father had follow his own principles till his last breath.

Yes, it was hard for her to face the reality when came out alone. Whatever was happened in her life, has shattered her.  People have made promises and had broken them. They said something but had done something else.  but ‘somehow’ she still thinks people do whatever they say. Why she still thinks people always talk from their heart. Does her mind completely set on her father’s teaching? Why honesty still struggle to win? Why does he continue to lie? Why do people play with somebody’s emotions? Can people walk without their soul? Can someone talk with a dead soul? What we convey the message to our next generation? She often gets confused and lost in her own questions.    

Can she break the legacy of her father? No, she can’t break his legacy. Not because she still refuse to be selfish but she concerns about raising another question in her mind. Well, then she won’t have right to be called his daughter if she let his legacy go away, so she is happy with the after math of her life. ” I am happy to be my father’s daughter than being the love of a coward person”, she says proudly.      

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