Who should get the next gallantry or presidential award?


She is busy reading some new medical inventions when suddenly she receives a message on the skype, “hey, little cry baby, come join us on the group chat”. She knows right away that she is in trouble. She also knows that they would not stop bothering her unless she joins them. “Okay, give me a second. I have better things to do than talking to you guys”.  

She doesn’t like all her friends because they don’t hesitate to make her fun. They are all of her childhood friends. She used to forgive them when they were young kids. She was a little mean girl who also owned a kind and warm heart. She was an only girl in their little gang and of course, she was their leader too. However, all of them never had forgotten to give her hard time. She often used to cry and then she always ran toward her chachu or Abu or her Father. Her tears were as just stuck outside of her eyes. She always tells Abu, “Abu Abu, they are the mean kids. I really don’t like them. They are the bad boys. They are not my friends anymore”. Everybody knew that she will forget tomorrow, and she will end up playing with them again.  

As all a an old crew of friends are back in her life. They refuse to identify her as Sara. She is still their little Munna. But she fights with them when they refuse to accept her new identity as Sara. Why guys you don’t understand that my culprit has killed your Munna? Leave about old friends, her family specially the master of the house also doesn’t like her being Sara. However, she has received so much affection from the women of her family. Thanks to Almighty, they don’t judge her.  

So, her lovely and mean friends make joke of her now, “we think that you should receive the gallantry award not him. Gallantry award is given to the bravos. Your man has shown his coward behavior but you have given proof of being a warrior and have shown fearless behavior, so you really deserve the award” 

She tells them, “You guys were stupid and always brainless. I thought you guys might have become little smart but no, still you guys are the same”.  

She thinks, “silly friends never grown up even they have succeeded their lives. They don’t know those reward is given only to the people who fought for their country with bravery”. However, the clever friends also have nice answer, “How he should presidential the award when he failed at his home front. He could not protect his own woman. How he would protect his nation”. 

She becomes immediately defensive. She thinks that nobody else has the right to insult him. She says, “bye, I will not talk to you guys anymore. Why you guys always ready to insult him. He owes me not you guys”.  

Her friends are just like her, “Hey cry little mean girl, grow up. He is not only your culprit but also ours because he has given pain to our little buddy. Nobody has a right to be mean with you except us especially when Abu is no more”.  

She disconnects the call, “bye eneny meany friends, I am not a little cry baby anymore. I don’t cry anymore. I am a bravo myself. I know that I need to clean my own tears when there is nobody left to clean. Why I cry when I am lazy enough to wipe my own tears”.  

After disconnecting the call, she thinks that her friends are right. Now she is thinking who should get the reward. Every year she used to get excited when he got nominated or got the award. She used to tell everybody proudly. Now the reality is hard to digest. She thinks that the reward should go to the CRPF personal who died in Feb. She still thinks that her love is a real killer of those martyrs. It would be a so bad for their souls if he gets the award again but you don’t know everything is possible in her native country where injustice and corruption wins, and where soulless people live.  

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