About The Family


She often thinks about what is the meaning of a real family. Who is her family? Does the family mean your biological relatives? Does it mean the people who love and care about you?

She did not have much biological family. They were gone one by one from her life. Some were taken by almighty. Some were taken by greed. In the end, there were only two people left from her biological family by her side. Even she knew only greed had been keeping them together.

She often tells him, “Bubby, I am not stupid. Sometimes I just want to see how much the person could go down due to their quality of greediness”. She thinks, “that is okay because they are still mine”.

He always tells him, “Munna, I am everything for you. I am your family”.

She still cries and tells him, “Bubby all I want is a family. I want to feel a loving and caring attitude of the family”. She asks many questions from him. “Bubby why I don’t have a brother? Bubby why my dad died? Why my uncle had left me? He often gets frustrated by listening to all repeated questions. Why I don’t have a big family? Why had my Abu gone? Finally, her mother was gone too. Mother was never happy with her relationship with him but at least she died with the peace that someone would take care of her silly daughter.

However, she often gets happy. Her eyes become bright and shiny when he says, “Munna I am your hubby Bubby, mother father, brother, and sister. I am your Abu and uncle. I am all in one. Okay, now be happy. I don’t want to see tears in your eyes because it hurt me a lot”. The grown-up woman always cheers like a little kid when she hears from him. She always says,” oh, you are my everything. You are all in one bubby”.

Everyone could feel her happiness. Everyone sees a glow on her face. Everyone also knows why she shines like a star. Everyone knows why this lone woman doesn’t feel lonely. Everyone knows across the ocean and behind the mountains, there is someone “All in one” live who she always calls, “my Bubby”. Everyone even has not met him but they know him very well through her.

The family of four thieves was her world. But she also never forgets having his family back home. His family is her family. One night, tornadoes came and have taken everything along with it. Two of her biological relatives has given her an ultimatum to make a choice between him or them. She chose him. He always tells her, “why do you want to go back to them now. Why do you want to put yourself down in front of them? You have not done any sin”. She laughs loudly when she remembers her last conversation with him. He is gone but he also has taken his last two biological relatives. The first time, the reality of the world and real faces has come in front of her as she stepped out of the home alone.

She talks to herself, “No, I will never go back to my so-called biological relatives. It is just a science, not a real relationship”. Then who is my family? Who is really would like to be a part of my life? Who has the ability to accept the truth? Suddenly she meets her family in the Valley. They love her. Actually, a lot of people love her but she gets scared of the word, “love”. Then she starts to take her step backward. But who will give his kind of affection and love? He used to comb her hair and fix her clothes, fed her with his own hands, yelled at her if she did something wrong. Yep, he was all in one which makes her often confused what is a real definition of the family.

Her attitude and behavior have changed. She still not makes many friends. She still keeps distances from others. Her tears do not drip outside of her eyes anymore. The tears are once again stuck in her eyes. She smiles now. She makes other people smile but nobody actually knows how many tears are hidden behind her beautiful smiles. She remembers what her boss who was also her friend once, “Don’t tag your past along with you. Please leave it here”. She has listened to him. Of course, at her new workplace, nobody knows how much is hidden inside of her.

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