The House Around The Corner

She is surprised why the house around the corner in the next street to her, is so quiet. Where all the people are gone? Once, she was welcomed into that house but not anymore. She doubts if anybody will allow her even near to that house anymore. First, she attempts to ignore it. ” Why I have to care what happens in that house”. However, her curiosity continues to elevate, so it become hard for to control herself. So, she has decided to take a walk. Next thing, she finds herself covering head to toe with a white shawl outside of her house. Suddenly, she comes back inside the house and took off her white shawl away, ” Why I am hiding and who am I afraid of?”  

She steps out in her typical western attire to find out why the house is so quiet.  She doesn’t want anybody to stop her so she decides to take the backside road. From her window, she could see the house but her journey has become longer as she starts to walk toward the house. She meets many people on her way. Next thing, she sees herself lying on the airplane seat. Her eyes are closed but she still could listen to people sitting around her. One voice says, ” Do you know who she is? Another voice says, ” No, I don’t know her”. The first voice says, ” She looks very familiar”.  She ignores the conversations. 

She continues to walk toward the house of her curiosity as her plane landed. She goes to the back walls of the house. The curiosity makes her jump on the top of the wall so she could see clearly inside. She doesn’t see anybody inside. The house is quiet as a haunted house. She asks herself, “Is he gone somewhere else?” suddenly she sees a familiar face who asks her, Mam, what are you doing on the wall. You are not allowed to be here. Please, leave, somebody will shoot you”. Before he says anything else, she has already jumped into the backyard of the house. She tells the guard, “Why everybody is born so scared here. I am already dead so don’t worry nobody else could kill me now”. Before the guard stops her, but she already enters into the house.  

Fearlessly, she goes upstairs and turns toward the familiar room. She looks around the empty room. She remembers the old memories. She carefully looks at each familiar thing in the room. Suddenly, she grabs a sharp object from the table. Next thing, she notices each wall and the roof of the room is graved with the only thing, “I love you so much but why? Only he could make a sense what she has written. Suddenly, she hears the sound of sirens coming nearby. The guard runs upstairs,” Please leave mam, you will be killed”. She could see the fear in his eyes. She smiles. 

Suddenly, she hears a familiar voice yelling at the guard. She listens lying in the next room. She looks around and finds out her couple of friends and co-workers are also lying around in the same room. She gets out of the room, and start banging on the closed door of his room. He doesn’t open the room but some type of strange power come into her that she opens the door with her hands. However, the clever man is able to escape through another door. She quietly stands into the corner of the room so nobody could see her. All the guards have come upstairs to search the room but she is right there and nobody could see her. She keeps smiling herself, ” Why the hell they are holding 47 in their hands? I wonder why is he afraid of? I know why he could not take a stand when was the time”.  

The guards have left the room. He enters into his own room with a mix feeling of fear and relief. He tries to grab his phone from the nightstand when she suddenly comes out of the corner. She sees his face turning gray again. She says, “don’t worry I am not here to kill you. Oh, I have already killed you when you have murdered me brutally. This is my soul which is wondering to find the man who I once have trusted and unfortunately still love him. The man I love was a brave man. Killing the weak man is not in my dictionary”.   

Before she leaves the room, “You had abandoned me because what people say the man turning 50 soon loves somebody and plan to marry her or you have left me because the sins you have done so far, had made you to do it.”.Β 

Without looking at him, she leaves the house. Now she could see many guards securing the house and some other people waiting to meet him. But nobody could see her because she is not visible anymore. That’s her brutally killed soul which often wonders to get answers to the questions. That is her silent mind which wonders around him because he is a love of her life not only from this century but also belongs to before and the afterlife. She silently crosses the roads to reach her destination because her own people are waiting for her on another side of the road.  

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